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The ART of Survival

In this series, Chip explains there’s an ART to Survival – skills, honed by practice, that lead to joyful endurance, no matter what. A – is the ATTITUDE that helps us navigate adversity. R – is the RESOURCE God offers in adversity. And T – is the THEOLOGY that guides our perspective in adversity. When challenging times and difficult circumstances threaten to bring us down, God provides the hope and the tools we need to rise above. Life isn’t easy, He never said it would be. In fact, Jesus told us to expect trouble. How we handle the trouble and guard our attitude is an opportunity to demonstrate our trust in the sufficiency and sovereignty of Christ. There’s an ART to survival. Chip shows us, from James, Chapter 1, how it’s done.

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An Attitude to Embrace, Part 1

Real concerns about our nation and the economy, safety, and much more, are on the table. Sometimes the literal question comes down to: How will I survive?! No matter how much we know about history, and no matter how much we try to predict the future, the only day we can actually LIVE, is today - but today holds a lot of unknowns. Which is why the insights from the book of James, Chapter 1, are so important, as Chip begins this series. They reveal the hope God wants us to hang onto, in the midst of our trials and fear.

An Attitude to Embrace, Part 2

Hope is the oxygen of the soul. When all around us is falling apart, hope is the oxygen that sustains us. So where do we get hope? In this program, Chip tells us there IS a way to find hope and make it through challenging times.

A Resource to Ask for, Part 1

When you feel like you’ve run out of answers - there’s nowhere to turn - and you don’t think you can hang in there even one more day, what do you do? In this program, Chip reminds you that regardless of how dark it may seem, God is with you in the midst of your circumstances. And that He’s offering a resource to help you through.

A Resource to Ask for, Part 2

In this program, Chip continues his study of Chapter 1 of the book of James. James was the half-brother of Jesus, who became the leader of the Christian church in Jerusalem. But circumstances turned ugly for those believers, and their world was turned upside down. What James said to encourage them, has the same relevance for anyone today, whose world is turned upside down. He brought God’s answer then, and we have it now. When you need answers, God offers a resource you don’t want to miss.

A Theology to Understand, Part 1

If you’re wondering where God is in the midst of your suffering and frightening circumstances, if you’re so discouraged that you’re ready to throw in the towel, what do you do? In this program, Chip tells us to hang onto that towel! Because he’s gonna reveal how to slay the dragon of discouragement and have rock-solid hope, no matter what.

A Theology to Understand, Part 2

In times and circumstances that are overwhelming, and everything in you wants to give up or give in, your number one need is perspective. Perspective is the antidote to discouragement. Question: How do you get perspective? Chip tells us in this program. Don’t miss it!