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The Genius of Generosity

Lessons from a Secret Pact Between Two Friends

What’s the secret to being truly smart when it comes to managing your finances, possessions and your very life? The Creator of all things invites you to enter into deeper levels of generosity with Him, so you can become wise in your giving and generous in living. When we begin to grasp God’s extravagant love and generosity toward us, we begin to be generous toward Him and others in His kingdom. The result: our generosity becomes a visible expression of our love for Him.

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Is it possible to measure generosity? Chip continues his series “The Genius of Generosity” and reveals how you can actually measure your generosity.

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What is God looking for from you when it comes to being generous? Join Chip as he explores the answer to that question in this message from his series "The Genius of Generosity."

How Does God Measure Generosity?, Part 2

Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy the "Christmas Spirit” 365 days year? In this message, Chip shares how you can cultivate that winsome spirit of Christmas in your heart 24/7.