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The Great Rescue

A successful rescue brings everyone involved great joy and maybe even new life! Of all the rescue plans ever pulled off, God’s great rescue is the greatest of all because in human terms it was absolutely impossible. Not like, really steep odds, His rescue provided perfectly divine intervention when there were no odds at all. Join Chip as he lays out God’s Great Rescue – His amazing plan, the most unlikely people, and a most unlikely Savior. This Christmas series will bring you great hope and encouragement.

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The Amazing Plan, Part 1

A great plan, the right people, innovative methods, perfect timing, and flawless execution - all are required for a successful rescue mission. In this program, you'll learn how God used each of these in HIS great rescue!

The Amazing Plan, Part 2

In this program, Chip explains that God's great rescue moves us OUT of the world's darkness INTO His light. Join Chip for three specific results when God rescues you - you are free, you are needed, and you are worthy!

The Unlikely People, Part 1

If you had to pick a rescue team to save all of humanity, who'd be on your list? Join Chip to find out who God put on HIS list for that very mission.

The Unlikely People, Part 2

When it comes to the attributes of a great rescue team, you might be surprised that the rescue team you'd put together vs. the rescue team God puts together may look very different from one another. Find how how different and why.