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The High Impact Pastor

Building God's Church Jesus' Way

As our world continues to thaw from the pandemic, now more than ever, the Church has to act like the Church. And that can only happen with healthy, God-focused pastors leading well. Through this short series – “The High Impact Pastor: Building God’s Church Jesus’ Way” – Chip offers hope to church leaders who are discouraged and struggling spiritually, mentally… and even financially. Stay with us as we learn what Jesus is saying to pastors in these challenging times… and how everyday people – like you and me – can learn to support ‘em!

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Sowing the Good Seed

If Jesus was doing a seminar for pastors, what do you think he’d say? In this program, Chip continues his series “The High Impact Pastor: Building God's Church Jesus' Way”. By using the ‘Parable of the Sower’ in Mark chapter 4 - Chip describes how pastors can better teach God’s Word, disciple others, and inspire Christians to make a real difference in their lives.