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The Power of Prayer

Rarely do we understand so much about a subject and practice it so little. This series on prayer can transform your life. Learn not only precepts about prayer, but how to pray in an effective, powerful manner that will elicit supernatural results.

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How to Bring God's Power into Your Impossible Situation

Do you ever wonder about people who have such a connection to God, that they actually get answers when they pray? In this message, Chip shares how you can bring God’s power into your prayers. Better yet, when circumstances seem completely impossible, how to trust that He will answer. So much so, that you're able to weather the storm with peace and calm, like you never thought possible.

Three Conditions for Power in Prayer, Part 1

What do you have to do for your prayers to have real power? Is there some secret combination of things that give you special access to God’s power - that only certain people know? Chip begins a journey, looking at three conditions the Bible tells us are necessary to get power in our prayers. Interested? Don’t miss Part 1 and Part 2, of Three Conditions for Power in Prayer.

Three Conditions for Power in Prayer, Part 2

Do you have concerns in your life that need God’s divine intervention - you’ve prayed, but answers don’t seem to be forthcoming? Nothing seems to change and maybe you feel distant, or even disconnected from Him. In this message, Chip shares what the Bible says it takes to reconnect intimate communication with God – and how to get His power in your prayers.

Removing the Roadblocks to Answered Prayer, Part 1

Do you ever pray and feel like your prayers are going nowhere? Like there’s some kind of barrier between you and God? Maybe you wonder why other people seem to get answers to their prayers and you don’t. Chip shares some personal experiences with spiritual roadblocks, and God’s step by step instructions for how to remove them.

Removing the Roadblocks to Answered Prayer, Part 2

In this program, Chip explains that there are actually spiritual roadblocks that prevent our prayers from getting to God. He opens God’s Word and clearly lays out how to overcome these roadblocks. If you long to hear from God, and you want His power in your prayers, don't miss this message from Chip.

How to Pray with Absolute Confidence, Part 1

Chip asks: When you really need an answer from God - you’ve got a big decision to make, a serious situation is dragging on and on, a doctor’s report is frightening, a friend or family member is headed in a direction you know isn’t good - how can you pray and have absolute confidence that God hears you? If those questions are familiar, this message is for you!

How to Pray with Absolute Confidence, Part 2

Imagine what it would be like if you needed wisdom, or deliverance from a difficult situation, or financial provision…and you could pray a prayer that God would answer 100% of the time. You can! In this message, Chip shows us how to pray with absolute confidence.