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God's Agenda for Planet Earth (including you)

Sometimes it’s confusing to try and figure out God’s agenda for a world in turmoil, much less make sense of your unique purpose in His bigger picture. Yet God has a specific calling for each of us, and learning to walk in that calling propels us to take steps both large and small that DO change the world. This series, drawn from Acts, examines the Biblical truth about God’s agenda for planet earth, His perfect timing and what all of it has to do with you. You’ll learn how to recognize how God’s plan unfolds in your life and in the world around you, and how to avoid the “grace stoppers” that can destroy God’s work in your life.

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The Birth of a Movement, Part 2

Do you ever feel like your spiritual life is dull, boring, irrelevant - like you’re just going through the religious motions? If so, join Chip as he introduces you to a new way to think about your faith - a way that is so powerful that, if you’ll grab hold of it, your life will never be the same.

Baby Steps that Change the World, Part 1

God wants to use you to change the world. Yes, you. He’s designed you for impact.., and has placed His Spirit inside you to give you all the power you need to accomplish His will. The question is: are you positioned to receive all that He has for you? Chip shares how to take those first baby steps to change your world.

Baby Steps that Change the World, Part 2

Have you ever had the sense that God was prompting you to help someone, maybe at the grocery store or gas station, but you were just too uncomfortable or fearful to act on that prompting? Chip encourages you that it's possible to overcome your fear and step out in faith - and see God work like never before.

Learning to Walk in the Power of God, Part 1

In this message, Chip shares some unusual ways you can tell others about Jesus, and how this approach can change your life as much as those around you.

Learning to Walk in the Power of God, Part 2

You’ve heard about how the Christian life is one of power, of peace, of joy. But if you’re honest, your experience doesn’t line up like that and frankly, you’re not sure if this Christianity stuff is all it’s cranked up to be. Chip unpacks some ways to evaluate your faith and begin experiencing peace, joy, and power like never before.

Two Things that Destroy God's Work in Our Lives, Part 1

When you think about your faith journey, has it become routine, dull, kind of like you’re living in a spiritual rut? Chip looks at what destroys God’s work in our lives, and how we can prevent that from happening in the future.

Two Things that Destroy God's Work in Our Lives, Part 2

Chip wraps up this series with a message that has the power to absolutely revolutionize your perception about your faith, your journey with Christ, and your love for others. This truth will unleash a wave of grace like you have never known before.