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Dear Friends,

Download the audio recordings and notes to the 6-Part Series: How to Grow a High Impact Church below. May it be an encouragement and helpful resource to you.

Thank you so much for serving the Lord Jesus Christ in a sacrificial way.

—Chip Ingram and the Living on the Edge team

2022 How to Grow a High Impact Church MP3 600x600 jpg

How to Grow a High Impact Church

What is a High Impact Church?
MP3 | Session 1 Handout

The First Church Growth Seminar
MP3 | Session 2 Handout

Jesus Defines the ‘New Wine’ and Wineskins
MP3 | Session 3 Handout

Growing Fruit that Remains
MP3 | Session 4 Handout

The Secret to Jesus’ Impact
MP3 | Session 5 Handout

What Will Keep You from Being a High Impact Pastor?
MP3 | Session 6 Handout

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