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We hope that you’re enjoying Daily Discipleship with Chip: The Art of Survival. Here are a few ways to take the next step toward victory—not victimhood—in today’s desperate times.

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Before there was an art of survival book, there was James’ letter addressed to an early Church birthed in desperate times. It was one of the earliest letters of the New Testament, written to acknowledge believers who had been scattered by persecution and needed to know how to survive. He provides some answers for them- and the modern Church. You can overcome hard times with the Bible’s clear teachings.


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One of the ways God is using Living on the Edge to bring His hope and healing all over the world is through the development of discipleship resources. Many of these resources are offered completely free, thanks to the generosity of our Ministry Partners.



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Living on the Edge exists to help Christians live like Christians. Established in 1995 as the radio ministry of pastor and author Chip Ingram, God has since grown it into an international discipleship ministry. Living on the Edge provides Biblical teaching and discipleship resources that challenge and equip spiritually hungry Christians all over the world to become mature disciples of Jesus.