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Overcoming the Pain of Your Past

Pain. It is part of the human experience, and one of the things that helps us grow to maturity. But for some of us the pain we have experienced feels crippling. Broken promises, dysfunctional families, damaged relationships and rejection keep us from experiencing the abundant life Jesus promised. Sometimes it’s a challenge just to get through the day, let alone to extend love and strength to those around us. The Bible, however, offers great hope for pressing on. From the book of Ephesians, learn who you really are and why the pain of your past doesn’t have to obscure God’s plan for your future.

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Overcoming a Warped Self-Image, Part 1

When you look at yourself, what do you see? Do you like what you see? For many, the image we have of ourselves is false but we don’t know how to correct it. Chip begins this series by explaining how to overcome a warped self-image.

Overcoming a Warped Self-Image, Part 2

Imagine how your life would be different if you saw yourself as loved, cherished, significant, and important - not for what you did, or owned, or who you were related to but just for being you. Chip explores how you can begin seeing yourself the way God sees you.

Overcoming Rejection, Part 1

Rejection. No one is immune to it. Everyone will experience it to some degree. And no matter who you are, your life is changed because of it. The question is, will rejection take you down or will you leverage it for good in your life? Chip explains that the choice is up to you, and shows you how to get started.

Overcoming Rejection, Part 2

Few things hurt like rejection. Whether it’s not being picked for the backyard baseball game, or a spouse or friend who walks out on you, rejection produces a level of pain that is often difficult to get over. But it is possible to overcome the pain of rejection. In this message, Chip uncovers four lies we believe about rejection and the truth from God’s Word to overcome them.

Overcoming Shattered Dreams, Part 1

We all have dreams. Dreams for our children, dreams for our marriage, dreams for our lives. So what do you do when one of those dreams gets shattered? How do you recover and go on? Chip talks, in this message, about how to overcome the pain of a shattered dream.

Overcoming Shattered Dreams, Part 2

When a dream gets shattered what do you do? How can you move on with your life when what you were living for goes up in smoke? Chip shares how you can not only survive a shattered dream but actually grow and get stronger in the process.

Overcoming a Dysfunctional Family, Part 1

We all come from dysfunctional families. But what happens when your family dysfunction begins to cause problems with your life right now? Join Chip as he encourages us with what to do next.

Overcoming a Dysfunctional Family, Part 2

In this message, Chip shares candidly about growing up in a dysfunctional family, and how God helped him overcome that dysfunction - and how you can too.

Overcoming the Pain of Prejudice, Part 1

Have you ever been denied an opportunity, or refused a fair hearing, or even lost a job based on the color of your skin, your gender, your age, your religious beliefs, maybe even your weight? If so, you know the sting of being pre-judged or prejudice. When prejudice happens to you, how do you respond? Chip walks us through how we can overcome that pain.

Overcoming the Pain of Prejudice, Part 2

Overcoming the pain of prejudice is a tall order, especially when it continues to happen. But there is a way to stop the cycle of prejudice, and in this message, Chip peels back the layers of emotion and hurt to reveal the source of prejudice and how to stop it.

Overcoming Unjust Suffering, Part 1

There are times that life just doesn’t make sense. The loss of a baby. Cancer. Natural disasters. Random killings. When life is unfair, and you suffer because of it, how do you respond? Chip encourages us with words of wisdom about how to go on.

Overcoming Unjust Suffering, Part 2

There are four things, four principles, you must remember when you’re experiencing unjust suffering. Chip reassures us, by sharing how to apply those four principles, from Ephesians Chapter 3.

Overcoming the Pain of Broken Relationships, Part 1

A spouse walks out. A child rejects you. A lifelong friend turns on you. What do you do when a relationship comes apart? How do you think about it? How do you go on? Chip persuades us that there's great hope to be had from God's Word.

Overcoming the Pain of Broken Relationships, Part 2

Whether it’s a close friend, a spouse, a child, or a parent - when relationships break apart, they cause deep emotional scars - scars that can be very difficult to heal. Chip takes a look at God’s prescription for overcoming the pain of a broken relationship.