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Overcoming The Pain Of Your Past

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Pain. It is part of the human experience, and one of the things that helps us grow to maturity. But for some of us the pain we have experienced feels crippling. Broken promises, dysfunctional families, damaged relationships and rejection keep us from experiencing the abundant life Jesus promised. Sometimes it’s a challenge just to get through the day, let alone to extend love and strength to those around us. The Bible, however, offers great hope for pressing on. From the book of Ephesians, learn who you really are and why the pain of your past doesn’t have to obscure God’s plan for your future.

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This seven part audio series includes the following message titles:

• Overcoming a Warped Self-Image

When you look at yourself, what do you see? Do you like what you see? For many, the image we have of ourselves is false but we don’t know how to correct it. Chip begins this series by explaining how to overcome a warped self-image.

• Overcoming Rejection

Rejection is something we all have experience with, to some degree or another. The question is: How do we process that and how does it affect who we become?  Chip reveals four solutions for how to deal with the pain of our rejection.

• Overcoming Shattered Dreams

Where do the dreams of our heart come from? Why is it so devastating when  they don’t come true or are shattered?  Chip explains all of this and why it’s so important to know that God desires to meet our deepest longings and fill the vacuum of those shattered dreams.

• Overcoming a Dysfunctional Family

Sin is the root cause of dysfunction.  If that’s true, then we all have first-hand experience with it.  Chip reminds us that God came up with a plan to counteract the dysfunction that is so destructive and how that restoration can only begin when we recognize the full extent of our need.

• Overcoming the Pain of Prejudice

“Prejudice” means to pre-judge a person’s value, worth, significance, or suitability.  As Christians, we are not to pre-judge anyone. Chip reminds us that we are called to be Christ-like in all of our relationships and he walks us through five key steps to stop the painful cycle of prejudice.

• Overcoming Unjust Suffering

There are times that life just doesn’t make sense.  The loss of a baby. Cancer. Natural disasters.  Random killings.  When life is unfair, and you suffer because  of it, how do you respond?  Chip encourages us with words of wisdom about how to go on.

• Overcoming the Pain of Broken Relationships

Few things in all of life can hurt as badly or as deeply as the wounds, the sorrow, and the alienation that comes when a relationship is broken.  Chip shares a four-step prescription God has for healing the pain of broken relationships.

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SKU: DA21863-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3