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Online Course

Session 1: Am I READY to Hear God’s Voice?

How to Hear God’s Voice in Scripture

How can we really know when God is speaking to us? Before digging into God’s Word, it’s important to prepare our hearts and minds. In this session, Chip will teach us how to develop the proper attitude so that we can hear God speak.

Welcome to the online course, How to Hear God’s Voice in Scripture. All of us probably have a friend or met someone who said, “Wow, God really spoke to me and He let me know that I really need to be dating so and so” or “He spoke to me about one of my kids” or “You know, the Lord clearly directed me to a new job.” I don’t know about you, but I long for God to speak to me. How does that work? How do you really hear God’s voice in scripture and, honestly, how do you know when it’s really God speaking?

I ask myself probably four or five questions on a regular basis to connect my heart with God, my mind with God, and to really hear Him. The first question I ask is “am I really ready to hear God’s voice?” At the heart of hearing God’s voice is we’ve got to pull the lens back of “why am I even meeting with God?” What the scripture says is “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might.” What I want to do is I want to ask myself “Do I want to have an ooey, gooey, warm kind of spiritual experience or do I really want to hear God’s voice?” I literally pause and I ask “Okay, am I ready to hear God’s voice?”

Every morning I get up pretty early, so the stars are still out and I go out and I look at all of those stars. You know what I remember? God spoke the world into existence. Then I go where I have a little place where I personally meet with God and I’ve got my Bible and I’ve got my coffee. I quiet my heart and then I say, “Okay, Lord. You are the living Word. I’m not coming to some book, I’m not just going to pull a verse out of here or there, but I want my heart ready. I want to be surrendered to whatever you want to say to me. I want to hear your voice, but I want to hear your voice with a sense of reverence for your Word. You spoke the world into existence.” Then I think, “Jesus, you’re the Logos. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God and all things came into being through you.”

Then I have this sense and I want you to get this. We need to have a reverence for the Word of God. This isn’t just a book, this isn’t just going through the motions. I want to have a sense that, as I hold this, this is the living Word of God. “For the Word of God is living and active and sharper than a two-edged sword and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit of both joint and marrow. Able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” What I really want to ask myself is am I really ready to love God by hearing His Word and submit to it?

One of the things that has helped me the most is looking back through scripture and seeing that the men of God and the women of God, when God speaks, they have this reverence for His Word. Jeremiah would say, “Thy Word was found and I ate it and it became the joy and the delight of my heart for I’d been called by your name, oh, Lord.” David would say, “If your Word had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction.” All I want you to do, as we start, is not think “okay, is there a little trick? Do I read through the Bible and I’m going to hear God’s voice?” I want you to understand you prepare your heart.

Second, we have to prepare our mind. There are two ways that we read the Bible. One is we need to study the scriptures, we need to know the framework. Right? There are key doctrines, books were written, they all come together, so there’s a bit of an academic way. Let me give you an example. I want to study the book of John, so I want to read all of the book of John. I did, I read all 21 chapters. Then I decided how do I remember what’s in each chapter? I wanted to get a framework of this is what John teaches. There’s seven interviews, there’s seven miracles. The purpose of the book is that we might believe. All I want you to know, all scripture, right, is inspired by God and is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness.

When we come to the scriptures, we always want to remember that there’s a bigger framework, but what you and I are talking about today is I imagine a heart inside that framework and it’s Jesus saying, “Come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laden and I’ll refresh you. Take my yoke upon you. Learn from me.” When I hear His voice, when I hear the whisper, when sometimes we talk about it seems like the scriptures come off the page, when the spirit of God takes the written Word and makes it the living Word and He’s speaking directly to me, I always want to check that with the doctrine and the bigger picture.

As we begin, here’s what I want to ask you. When you come to the scripture, are you ready to hear His voice, are you living in submission to it, do you have a sense of reverence, or are you just looking for sort of a spiritual high? Second, whenever God speaks to me – this is very, very important – I’m not going to grab a verse here, it’s not something out of a devotional over here, I’m going to take the whisper of the spirit of God as I’m in His Word and I always measure it against my study of God’s Word. Does that make sense?

Now, here’s what I want you to know. As we go through this process together, God longs to speak, and this is a sobering moment, but He doesn’t speak to people who are not ready or willing to hear. Jesus said, “They hear, but they don’t perceive. They listen, but they don’t get it because their hearts are hard.” So the very first step is saying, “Lord, I’m here to learn.” In our next time together, I want to teach you how to know for sure whether it’s God speaking to you or not. We’re going to have a great time together and thanks for joining me.


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204 comments on “Session 1: Am I READY to Hear God’s Voice?

  1. I found at times, I treat God and his word as a buffet or snack. I am reminded that I love God and his word. I do long to hear from him. In God alone do I long to be fulfilled. He is good. I trust him. I long to be in his presence daily. this session was good reminding me that reverence for God and his word is crucial. He is alive–his word is alive.

  2. This session made me think deeply about my readiness to hear God. I am humbled and submitted to Him and want to hear what He is speaking in this season to me and the Body of Christ at large. I am taking this time to spend quality time with Him in His Word and in worship.

  3. During this season of “work from home” God is telling me to slow down, appreciate relationships and build close spiritual bonds with my siblings. He is asking me to delight in him, read and reflect on his word and find rest in the shelter of his wings.

    He is my Lord and my God and not only do I need to read his word but I need to spend time with him.

    I need to start with an attitude of submission, delight in him and reverence for his word. He is gentle and humble of heart and if I need to be like him I need to go to him with an open mind and a contrite heart

  4. I truly want to be able to hear Gods voice and live the life He has for me and am so happy to have found this

  5. This course assist me in building a deeper relationship with the words of the Lord and a better understanding of the words

  6. I never knew how to respond to God’s voice. I love how Eli gave Samuel instructions on what to do the next time he heard God’s voice. Sometimes I don’t know how to respond in a situation. I have learned with time and experience that sometimes I don’t respond well. I want to learn how to respond to God’s call on my life and respond well! This has impacted me in a big way!

  7. I have gotten lazy in my time with God. Reverence s lacking. I had cocooned myself but feel safer to emerge and listen.

  8. It gave me a better understanding without overthinking very clear cut and simple. Through Him ALL things are possible

  9. This session helped me to understand that I must lean in and be intentional as I prepare my heart and mind to truly hear from God.

  10. I have to be in a state to listen and recognize God’s voice. I am praying the silence of “sheltering” will grow me and give me ears to hear.

  11. This session helped me rehearse, to recite, to remember what I know of God-as my protector, my help, my companion. In the uncertainty of these days, God is the anchor of our souls. As we focus on Him, our fears diminish as our faith flares up. Thank you for your continued efforts to help Christians LIVE like Christians.

  12. God wants me to move forward in life, not to dwell on past actions, I have learned I must move forward not stand still.

  13. I need to listen, I need to want better for myself. i will be a leader and not be angry at the ones I love my life is to watch my words and pay better attention.

  14. Learning that I can hear from God if I am willing to be still in his presence changed my worldview about my relationship with God. This session inspires me to make time to intentionally hear from the lord via his word.

  15. Hearing from God is my main objective and priority for this year 2020. This first lesson was good becuase it laid down the foundation to the spiritual awareness/ maturity and patience I must develop to hear God’s speak.

  16. He opened a new understanding of how He keeps me from harm, it is not so much the physical, as this world is passing, but it is the spiritual me that He will keep from all harm. He wants to protect what is my makeup: heart mind and soul. This He opened up from the verses shared from Ps 121

  17. I appreciated seeing that approaching His Word in reverence and in light of His Word will open up His voice to me. Also to really see it for what it is, living and active really living and active to me now.

  18. I àm starting to get a better understanding of what hearing from the Lord means, this session helps me think about how he really loves us and if we really have a reverence for his words and seek him not just by reading one or two scriptures but to truly seek his presence in our lives. We will have nothing to worry about. As he said my yoke is easy to bare and my burdens are light.

  19. Great first course! I’ve spent a couple hours just on this course breaking down and really understanding and studying scripture and how God really sees, loves, and protects us. And truly having a reverence to his Word and how much it is alive and active and which also brought me aside to Ephesians 6:17 on how powerful the sword of the spirit(Gods word) is in regards to the Armor of God. It just gives my spirit such a leap of excitement but a peace and understanding from learning and knowing where and how to truly study God’s word. Praise God!

  20. I’m beginning to realize that we don’t serve a God who is sitting up in heaven just waiting for us to mess up again. He wants to help us and he loves us and he’s trying to communicate with us if we will just listen and obey.

  21. Yes. I am faced with writing out or thinking out the questions. I am ready to do whatever He wants me to do. I have always had this desire but use my “inadequacies” or insecurities govern my outcome. I pray this study will give me the confidence I lack and the courage to face the task the LORD has planned for me.

  22. I realised I AM ready to hear His voice. That without it I will fail and I need His direction in my life now more than ever.

  23. I’m encouraged to be still and listen for what God is saying to me. That he desires me to join Him in this journey, not try to do it on my own. To believe that having Him in the journey – His time is easy, His burden is light. Thank you for sharing these sessions.

  24. This session has allowed for introspection, am I really ready to hear God’s voicem have I prepared my heart and what are the things that have hindered me from hearing him. I now realised that my own desires may be a hindrance to me hearing his voice and a heart that is preoccupied with the cards of life and not being focused on his awesomeness will also hinder our communication.

    Thankful for this resource…..anticipating the spiritual growth as I continue with the other sessions.

  25. It’s interesting that God waits for us to be receptive to his voice before he speaks to us directly. He wants a reciprocal relationship. One in which we are both ready and able to hear his voice. He doesn’t simply force himself on us. He waited for Samuel to invite him to speak. God wants our willingness to allow him to speak.

    I also realized there are some things standing in the way of me hearing his voice. Such as sin. Specifically idols. For me image. I realize I must fully surrender this aspect of my life to God and put him first. Then I will more clearly hear his voice. If I am willing to give up my idols (sin) this proves my willingness to follow God and hear his voice.

  26. This course reminds me that if I seek the Lord with all my heart he’s sure to answer. His word will not return void, God wants me to hear his voice through his word….I just have to be ready and submitted.

  27. yes I now daily feel reminded to spend time in the word just as I have always asked but never as I have done. I don’t always do it but I am recognizing that it’s happening

  28. A great reminder that the Bible is the “Living Word” if we are filled with the Holy Spirit and we “still our hearts and minds and know that God is greater than all”. Thanks for the lesson, I look forward to continuing!

  29. I realize I’ve been coming to the Word for nothing more than a spiritual high. Not sure when it got to this. But i want to go back to knowing more about my Father and becoming who He wants me to be. I’m hoping the rest of these sessions will help me along. Thanks Chip, may God continue to bless you and your family.

  30. This was a good reminder to me that instead of diving into prayer and the Word each day, I need to discipline myself to pause, be still and ask Holy Spirit to allow me to hear His voice and to make me willing to hear what He has to say to me…

  31. I appreciate the differentiation between the academic (factual) which provides a framework for study and the personal (heart) which always falls in line with that framework. God’s voice is never contrary to His Word.

    I’m also challenged that I must not only be ready to hear but must have a submissive attitude.

  32. Wow, that was not the direction I expected this session to go at all!
    I am dealing with some difficult relationships and to say I’ve reached the end of my emotional rope is an understatement.
    I am feeling encouraged by this session in that I know God sees me and I can trust and rest in Him, even when those around me are acting wickedly.

  33. My willingness to hear God’s voice & to listen is a major part of me growing in a faithful relationship with God. I have to be prepared to listen to God’s voice even when what he’s telling me is not what I want to hear.
    Pastor Ingram thank you for this lesson. Soull searching moment

  34. I wasn’t focused on being prepared properly to approach God and His Word. This really got my attention about being heart ready and spirit willing.

  35. It made me realize that God isn’t going to speak if I’m not ready to listen or he could be speaking but I’m not listening. My heart has to be soft to receive his word.

  36. This session has gotten me excited and gotten me to be intentional in my study of Gods word. It has revealed to me more who God is and I realize that His burden is easy and he has a gentle and humble heart. This endears Him to me more. Cant wait for whats in store.

  37. Up until today, I would have said I was yoked with Jesus, but I’ve now realised I’m not yoked with Jesus because I don’t have a rested soul and my burdens are heavy at the moment. I guess in a way I’ve lied to myself – so this is a good wakeup call to stop doing things on my own, all the while claiming to be yoked to Jesus.

  38. I seem to lack the reverence needed when reading God’s Word. Not able to give my full attention. This session has taught me that when I read God’s word I need to completely focus on Him.

  39. Even though I have read these scriptures many times. I read with reverance and really focused on the reading. I liked answering the questions which really made me think about what God is saying to me through his word.

  40. This is really good! It reminds me that I have to be deliberate in preparing my heart to hear from God and spending time reading His word. It is early days but I look forward to the spiritual growth and awakening that will come forth.

    Many thanks for making this available to ‘Help Christians live like Christians’.

  41. I have been waiting and wanting to really listen to God but just could not get to that point but today I have through this session began to prepare my heart and my mind to listen and to develop a holy reverence for Gods word.

  42. The session points to Dueteronomy 6:5, I am to Love the Lord my God with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my might. This verse always seemed super important to me and attainable if I worked really hard, maybe, by reading the whole bible, maybe, by keeping Gods commandments, lots of prayer, maybe, more push ups (maybe) etc… then maybe I’d succeed, maybe. At this point in the course I believe it is possable for me to live Dueteronomy. 6:5. Emptying myself of MY way and my needs, Listening, using the steps presented to prepare my heart (Reverance for God’s Word) and mind (study God’s word). I am looking forward to growing in so many areas. Thank You!

  43. I soooo desperately want to hear from God. I feel that He has been so silent for years but I know we are always yoked together carrying me thru trial after trial. I am a blessed woman. I’m excited Chip for this study, thank you

  44. It has helped me to ponder the word more. Also made me realize I need to be more in the actual word and not just reading devotions. Spending more time reflecting. Thank you for your free resources that you offer and that I can learn and grow threw them.

  45. Mostly it affected me in preparing my HEART. Seeing if there is any wicked way in me. Unforgiveness? resentments? anger? judgemental/critical spirit?
    H.S. has been showing me things I don’t like. I know its Him, its not harsh, He loves me. My thoughts haven’t always been pure….meaning the above. I’ve had ALOT of hurt, rejection, abandonment from my past. I want to move forward, yet, sometimes i have negative thoughts that I struggle with letting go of. Anger pops up or sarcasim now and then. At least I’m catching this sooner now. I’m really seeing myself in this light and I don’t like it. I just don’t know how I’m going to change and grow beyond it all. Hopefully thru more time in His Word and listoning. I want to be changed into a more loving, forgiving, strong and confident believer. Prayers please.

  46. This session has helped to realize that although I thought I was listening to the word of God I really could not hear Him. My heart has been hard and I have let the bad experiences over the past years keep me from really hearing God. I feel hopeful that by studying the word of God that it will become the living spirit of God in me and through me and that I will find peace and rest from the burdens I carry.

  47. This session helped me to identify some key behaviors I need to change in order to have the opportunity to listen to God.

  48. It made me realized I need more time for God. I need to dwell, think, ponder with His Word to get familiarized with His voice calling me.

  49. It helped me dive deeper into God’s Word and specific areas jumped off of the pages for me causing me to really ponder God’s truth and I want to learn how to do that more and more instead of just reading through. I need to develop the ability to linger and ponder and this is helping me to prepare my heart so I can hear God speak to me.

  50. It reminded me that in order to hear God, I had to WANT to hear from Him. Once that is sorted, my age, size, circumstances, past don’t disqualify me. God is patient> God thinks I am worth the wait. If there is a chance for me to hear him, He will keep on calling. Thank you for that reminder.

  51. to be more focused and that I have to find special time to study and finding a quiet place so I’m able to here from God.

  52. It made me to realize that my spiritual life needs a little more work. I am disappointed in myself for not being as tuned into voice of God as I thought I was.

    That is why some of the statements above I couldn’t respond to right now.

  53. Well, unfortunately I’m still kind of stuck. It said in order for me to hear from God, I need to be reverent, have the right heart attitude. More often than not, I’m NOT REVERENT AND I DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT HEART ATTITUDE. That’s my problem, I can’t figure out how to get there so I can move on and grow and HEAR HIM. I have asked God to help me with this, but apparently I can’t hear what he’s telling me to do. I want to love Him and hear Him so bad.

  54. First of all, I am very happy that Chip has made this study available. Years ago I had a mentor that said to me, “God is speaking. What is He saying to you?” I didn’t have an answer and I still don’t. I have been living under the tyranny of the urgent and now, with God’s help, I want to discard that and think & do what is important and not necessarily what is urgent.

  55. This lesson has helped me better understand that I do not have to worry about knowing God’s exact plan and will for my life because Jesus himself whom I am yoked with will guide me exactly where he wants me to go. I don’t have to know the details but can rest and trust him like a child. This helps me by removing the burden of feeling like I always have to know what his plan is so that I can be sure to rightly obey it. What a wonderful teacher!

  56. Thank you for this series. I love that I am to PREPARE to hear God’s voice; not just read/pray hoping I hear from Him but be reverent and ready for what He might want to tell me.

  57. This session helped me to realize that my heart and mind must be prepared to receive God’s Word and be effective.

  58. this section spoke directly to me in my presentation work situation since i am under spirtual attack i feel. But i am believing God is going before me in it and he will work it out for good.

  59. Wow….I felt my heart open with this very first session. I used to read God’s Word like it was the most important thing in my life, and it is! I read it desperately because I saw it as a vital road map. I read the words of Jesus and believed them to be His love letters to my heart. Then, I was badly hurt in church almost 5 years ago, and now I am lost. I can’t find my way back. The Bible seems odd to me now, like dead words on thin paper.

    I want my love for God’s Word back. I will get it back. I believe these sessions are a start. Thank you Chip for making this easy for us to access. God Bless You.

  60. God’s been gently nudging me to acknowledge as much I say “(as Christians) our relationship with Jesus is the most important relationship any human can have,”… I don’t commit the time and space in my life that reflects that statement and truth.

    Though I’ve been a Christian since I was a little girl, and have taken many Bible Study classes and understood how to have a quiet time, I want to understand the part of me that is still rebellious in not wanting to be consistent and giving my all to Jesus.

    I am looking forward to digging into the basics of understanding God through scripture and pray for help and honestly with myself and the Lord as I walk through this study.

  61. I have learned that I was not living for God in the inside but trying on the outside. He has restored my faith and my walk has become stronger! This is going to teach me more about how close I can be in my relationship with God! I am excited and ready to see what God has in store for my life.

  62. I am opening my heart again. My head knows these passages but after ten years of dealing with mental illness, I finally feel God calling me to a new season. I am ready to listen and allow Him to lead. I am thankful that He has been with me throughout this journey and given me the peace of His presence. I am looking forward to hearing His words for me.

  63. Relinquishing control and the attitude of thinking that I know what’s best for my life has been the main thing holding me back from actively moving forward in my relationship with God. I am excited and scared to see what the possibility may be if I truly let God dictate the actions of my life and heart.

  64. I have recently come to full surrender to the Lord after 10+ years of being a Sunday morning Christian. It is good to know that He is always there for me and I can’t wait to learn how to hear God speak to me more intimately.

  65. This session reminds me that at times we blame God for being silent and not speaking to us. God is speaking, but because of the condition of our hearts, we do not recognize or understand His voice.

  66. I am hopeful for a deep relationship with Jesus through His Word. I am longing to be teachable like Samuel and hear God speak.

  67. I sent it to email I thought it was going to you but it came to me instead. Is that ok.

    I am happy for the session I now have a new outlook on the word. It is alive and active.

  68. I realize that I am usually not ready to hear God through scripture. I am typically in a rush and do not adequately prepare my heart. It is my desire to make this a priority so that my reading of God’s word is more fruitful in my life.

  69. In only the first session I am beginning to grasp the way in which I can prepare my heart and hear God’s written word become His living word in my life. I get distracted alot with so much noise in my head. I pray these sessions quiet my heart and mind so I can hear God’s voice throughout my day. Thank you for this wonderful resource!

  70. This session reaffirms for me that to truly hear God’s voice in our life requires a soft, seeking heart. It is much more than just “studying” His word. To truly hear from Him requires much more than “head” knowledge of Him, we need authentic “heart” knowledge of Him in order to truly connect with Him!

  71. What a challenge…after all these years, am I ready, am I willing, do I trust You and can I relinquish fear to be clothed in the beauty of your will? My heart’s cry – where else can I turn, where else can I go?

  72. That God, is my strength, my provider, protector, for me not to lean on my own understanding but on him who supply all of my needs in Jesus name .

  73. I was struck by the “am I ready to hear from God”. I thought I was always ready, but there is more that goes into being ready than just starting to read the word.

  74. It’s amazing to me how God is in control of each aspect of our lives. Yes He rules from above, but also as close as our breath. When I take in His Word and ponder it, I find Him there in the midst of it all waiting more patiently on me than I wait on Him. And yet He smiles and his face shines upon us, saying “with you child, I am well pleased.” And I am flooded with all that I know of Him and His Character and want to remain there and learn more.

  75. There are so many voices. Lord teach me to turn off the others voices and hear only Your voice. Help me to not have any preconceived ideas of what I am reading and hear the Holy Sprit.

  76. Thank you for informing me that there is no trick to hearing God’s Voice. I must be ready to hear His Voice, prepare my heart and my mind. And let the Lord know that I am here to learn.

    I am ecstatic that I now know what I need to do in order to hear God’s voice.

  77. I see How my heart needs to be ready to hear from God. Also to truly reverence the Word of God Not taking it for granted or just going through the motions but truly seek after God wholeheartedly. Trusting in Him completely

  78. I’m so looking forward to finishing this series. I want to Learn to listen and hear the voice of God and obey it.

  79. I find it interesting that even Eli, a priest and one who knew God, also had a hard time recognizing what was happening in Samuel’s life. This challenged me to be more attune to God’s voice in my own life so that when others whom I mentor come to me for help, I will be ready. I also want to more actively listen for God’s voice, reading the Word expectantly.

  80. I realized how important it is to prepare my heart and mind to hear from God as I go into the scriptures. I also noted that study of God’s word is crucial.

  81. Hey Chip! This was a great start. Just a few things, backed up by the word of God, to think about before reading the Bible. Thanks and God Bless You!

  82. I love listening to your lessons they make so much sense and help me read and hear God’s word with my church Family.

  83. I am inspired to read the word of God and to search for him. I’m excited to see what he has in store for me and just how he will speak to me

  84. Than you Lord for you word. It is alive in my soul! His timing is perfect! I am so excited about this study and digging in.

  85. I have tried to read the bible, but have difficulty understanding it. This session inspired me to open my spirit to listen to his word!

  86. I felt inspired to learn more about the Word of God and to really delve into His Presence. Without Him, we are nothing and we cannot DO anything without Him being present in our lives.
    For WITH God in our lives, we are able to DO exceedingly, abundantly, ALL that we could ever ask, think or even imagine.

  87. The timing of this study is perfect for me as I am at a turning point in life and seeking God’s direction. I am ready to hear his will for my life! I am realizing I need daily quiet time with God so my spirit is in touch, in tune, and open to hearing the voice of God. The commotion, deadlines, and distractions of the world pulls me in different directions weighing me down – even more reason why quiet time with God is so important.

  88. I just recently went through a period of such anguish and depression. God brought me through and showed me that He loves me no matter what. This session gave me more encouragement on His love and caring for me.

  89. I am at a phase in my life where there is so much chaos going on. I feel lost and this session has helped me learn to be humble and be ready to open my heart in order to hear God’s voice.

  90. There are times I want to know if God is speaking or is it just my thought. Yet I am afraid to know if God is the speaking that He might ask something that I am not comfortable with. I also know that God will prepare me for whatever task He wants me to do. So I am asking myself “Am I really ready to hear God speaking?”

  91. Reminded me that my mind must be engaged when I read God’s Word… sometimes I read while my mind is on future or past events…

  92. I am grateful for the lesson guiding me to recognize the characteristics of Jesus Christ. Taking the time to really reflect on the scriptures and answer the questions made all the difference.
    I’m looking forward to continuing the course!
    Thank you

  93. This session reminded me to be humble to hear His voice. To refuse to be the shepherd of my own life & let Him be. Refuse to take control and let Him take control. Doing life my own way makes me undone. But doing it His way is always lighter and freeing for the soul.

    Without you, Jesus, I cannot do anything and how foolish of me to think it could be done any other way apart from you! Lord I possess nothing. You are LIFE. I need you!

  94. I get excited about learning the word of God. This is a major step for me to hear is word and rest in him. In life I need to hear God,s voice to make sound decisions, I do realize your needs to be changed

  95. Im really looking forward to learning from this study and my hope and prayer is that I’ll learn to love reading the Bible. I love reading devotionals or listening to Chip’s messages but just reading the scriptures is difficult for me, I don’t have the same passion for it. I think it’s mostly bc I don’t have the framework, background, and or context that Chip talks about having which is necessary to really understand the writers’ message.

  96. Thank you Lord for providing everything I need in the Person of Jesus Christ. Thank you for patiently teaching me how to rest in Him.

  97. I hear and listen but I also interrupt God when He speaks. I need to be still and let Him finish before I speak. I love that if he doesn’t get our attention the first time, he will persist, He is indeed patient.

  98. It is awesome to know that a supreme, eternal God who created the universe wants to speak to me personally through the Bible if I am ready and willing to listen. Wow.

  99. I have to be ready to listen and have a reverence for God’s word , I can’t just be flipping from page to page to find a verse to meet my needs .

  100. It was refreshing to again realize that it is within my reach to have a better relationship with Jesus, to hear His voice more clearly and have the assurance that I don’t have to do it all on my own and that He is there to take care of me and protect me.

  101. Jesus is always there waiting for us regardless of what we have done. We just have to be willing to love God, hear his word and submit to it.

  102. This was my second time in this one. Wanted refresher. I was impacted in a way that told me to move something out of my life to allow for quality time in God’s Word! I’m on it!

  103. Made me understand he does talk to me , I just need to learn how to listen. Also I am NOT alone he is there right next to me. Did also realize I need someone look for and ask for guidence and don’t be ashamed.

  104. The Holy Spirit is really working on me. I am doing several studies thru my church on discerning Gods voice and discovering his will. Then i opened mailing from LOTE and happily registered for this study. I come with the humble and reverent heart of a sinner, asking for Gods forgiveness and to tighten my yoke to Jesus. Thank you, Chip, for your active faithfulness to God. I am looking forward to all God wants me to learn thru your study.

  105. I am excited to go on this journey to learn how to hear the voice of my father. Life has been overwhelming for about 6 months and I have felt so alone and defeated. Thanks Chip for reminding me how much God is with me, looks after me, protecting me from the assaults of the enemy and I matter to him. Can’t wait to hear his soft whisper.

  106. Total surrender comes to mind. I am so excited to take this journey in discovering His path for my life. Knowing His voice and which road to take to further His kingdom would be the ultimate joy. Thanks Chip for such great teachings.

  107. I must continually be obedient in my heart, thoughts, words, and actions…and be patient in order for Him to work His plan even when others succeed in their unGodly actions. If I bulldoze my way through, I am not sharing the burden with Him and allowing Him to lead and carry the heaviest weight.

    1. Obey God
    2. Enables ability to Listen to God
    3. Be patient for His guidance and plan
    4. He will protect me throughout the process and my present and future life.

  108. It reminded that I am yoked with Jesus (wow) together and if I will work with Him and learn to listen to His led then good things will happen.

  109. Last 6 months has been some of the most challening months. I began a new journey during this time to really build an authentic relationship with God that never truly existed. I’m ready to slow down, spend time in the word and continue this journey.

  110. Constantly reminded of how literal the Word needs to be taken. Not just parts but the entirety of the Word. Verses I never understood before that when I read again from a literal perspective jump out and come alive. These are not just mythical writings and God does not do magic tricks. He created everything and everything works together for those who love God. God is good!

  111. Ah this was so good- eye opening. The Lord has been speaking to me and I’ve been hearing “reverence” so this session was very confirming for me.

  112. I want so DESPERATELY to hear and KNOW that it’s God speaking to me. Because I don’t always know that it’s God speaking. I’m excited to keep going with these lessons in hopes of coming to an expected end.

  113. I was challenged with the thought of being yoked with Jesus. The mental image that came to mind for me was, how many times do I strain against that yoke and try to control or fight the battles in my life, rather then staying as close to Jesus as possible and allowing Him to shield, protect, and fight the battles for me.

  114. This session has regrounded me in God’s truth. Knowing he wants to care for me and seeing that he desires to have fellowship with us has reopened my eyes to the fact that God is continually speaking and I just have lost focus on his word.

  115. It’s been a pleasure to find this. I love studying God’s word. This reminds me that there is hope as long as we can trust in Jesus.
    I love hearing from the Lord. I can do nothing with out him.

  116. It reminded me to trust in Jesus and to wait patiently. To know he will never leave us or forsake us. He is very interested in us and he is ready to help us.

  117. It reminds me that there is hope as long as we can trust in Jesus.
    I love hearing from the Lord. I can do nothing with out him.

  118. In Matthew 11:29 31
    We will be yoked with Jesus. Most often a young oxen are yoked with one that ‘knows the ropes’. Not only will Jesus take the larger load He will teach,show,guide and lead the way. These verses give me confidence that He is always yes always by my side and will show the WAY.
    Looking forward to the next session

  119. It is encouraging. It is so easy for me to worry about things. I need to trust in the lord. I need to continue to spend time in the lords word. I can get busy and let the important things go so I can accomplish the unimportant things. It is just so hard. I want to do a good job. I so miss being part of a bible study where we talk about the scripture.

  120. Very encouraging, I have been reminded of just how Jesus is Tenderhearted, and Ready to meet me where I am. My Heavenly Father cares deeply about and for me,

  121. It had a great impact on my prayer life. I consider myself as a baby in the word, and I’m milking from those that are mature in God’s word. This session has enlightened me to see my weakness, and strengthen me when I’m in the presence of God praying and studying his words.

  122. How do I truly know I’m ready to hear his voice? I think I am because I’ve been going through a lot in my relationship life… I’ve been in the dumps some and started to seek him because of it.

  123. I just completed the first session. I am very excited to see what the Lord will do through this series. What an incredible way to study and learn!

    I’m thrilled that this session helped me to “zero-in” on areas where I can be easily distracted. So much of my Christian walk has been about “doing”…you know the adage…”You were saved to serve so get busy!” or “Burn out for God”. Neither of these is the way He wants us to be in relationship with him. His yoke is easy and His burden is light…and we don’t have to do it alone!

  124. Yes it did and I thank you for that. It reminded me that God is waiting for me! Tools, like making my heart ready to study and listen for God’s voice and quieting myself are valuable to me. I look forward to session 2.

  125. It showed me that God can speak to us in many ways, but I don’t think I’ve heard him through his words or I was distracted in some way by something else. I have heard him through the books and writings of others but can’t remember the last time I heard him while reading the Bible. So that is the next step I must take for my walk and journey with God

  126. God is telling me to slow down, truly focus on Him, seek His will, make Him and time with Him my priority. Session 1, Come to me all you who are weary…and i will give you rest…

  127. It is a solemn thought to think when I read the scriptures. It is the very words of the God of the universe and that alone demands my reverence

  128. I need and want to spend more time in His word.. I think the greatest impact for me in this first session was having The Word become His Living Breath

  129. The story of Eli and Samuel really spoke to my heart in regards to listening to God. I’m a lay speaker and I might just use 1 Samuel 3:1-10
    as a message. I too enjoyed the reflection questions with scripture. Already this study is changing my life. This year is the year of the Bible, where I’m digging deeper into Gods Word and learning better to hear and obey His voice.

  130. I love the mention of Samuel’s calling in the notes section. Samuel was already working and ministering for the Lord even though he did not yet know the Lord’s voice. In other words Samuel was being obedient. Although he didn’t known the Lord yet, he was positioning himself to be able to hear the Lord. We too must position ourselves to hear God’s voice.

How did this session make a personal impact?

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