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Session 2: Adoration

How to Experience God in Prayer

Prayer begins with a focus on God’s qualities so that we might see Him for who He really is and praise Him authentically from the heart.

Online Discipleship: How to Experience God in Prayer
Part 2: Adoration

Welcome to session two of How to Experience God in Prayer. I hope you took a couple minutes and just evaluated your own prayer life and asked, “Am I focused on the relationship or is it a transaction? Am I really believing it’s simple, sincere, and from the heart? Have I got it all complex in my mind? Do I really believe it’s powerful?”

With that in mind, I want to walk you through one singular passage. The four words in all the New Testament on prayer are in this one passage. And the context of this passage is so amazing because it teaches us the kind of prayer, even if your circumstances are difficult, even if life is really hard. You are going to learn, with me, a kind of prayer that allows God’s power and – are you ready? – and God’s peace to invade your soul.

If you have your Bible, turn to Philippians chapter 4. Follow along as I read verses 6 and 7. “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God,” Notice the promise, “the peace of God which surpasses all comprehension shall guard your heart and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

What I want you to see is there are four words for prayer in verse 6. Notice Paul says, “Be anxious for nothing.” So in the structure here, he makes a negative command. Literally, the Greek word order is: stop being anxious about anything.
Positive command: start praying about everything. Are you ready for this? Then he gives us four words for prayer. “By prayer, supplication, with thanksgiving, make your request.” Those are four very specific words.

What you’re going to see is the first one is going to talk about adoration. It’s going to say, “When you begin to pray, get your focus off your problem, off yourself, off your anxiety, and upon God.” We are going to talk about adoration and how to do it.
The second word focuses on our need. It’s going to say that you’ve got to get your focus off your lack of resources and onto God’s great resources and realize that you have great need; that leads us to a time of confession.

Third, he is going to say, “Like salt and pepper,” literally, this phrase of: “with thanksgiving,” has the idea of: it’s sprinkled in all the way around. And then, finally, “Make your requests.” The word for “request,” it’s literally like: make a grocery list and tell God exactly and specifically what you want Him to do, what you need Him to do, and bring it to Him.

Many people have come up with a little acronym. I think it probably came out of this passage, of ACTS: adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. Maybe you have heard that before.

Here’s what I want you to know: the promise is that God will bring about a peace that is supernatural beyond your understanding. But I don’t think most people, unless you’re different than me, know how to do adoration. What do I mean by that?

The word means: to be devoted to, to adore, to honor. Some of us are, like, I’m a diehard basketball fan. I adore a great place, a full-court pass, bounce pass, a lob where someone jams it behind their head. I adore, at times, music. I get out every morning and when I look up at the stars, I am just in awe and adore them.

But most Christians that I meet have a difficult time learning: How do I praise God? And this is the first thing. If you have a big God, you have small problems. If you have big problems, you have a small God. And so the first way to experience God is to see Him for who He is.

Now, lean back just for a second. Have you ever thought about when the disciples saw this amazing prayer life of Jesus and He taught them how to pray, what did He say? “When you pray, say, ‘Our Father,’” Who? Our Father – is that how you see God? Are you performing? Is He down on you? Is He your Father? Pause, You’re my Father. You love me. You’re for me. “Who art in heaven.” Oh, You’re the Creator.

Almost every morning, I did this, this morning. Its been raining here for a couple days and I got up early and I made some coffee; I let the dog out. I walked outside and the stars this morning were just like whoo! They were just awesome!
And I stood outside and I just looked at the stars and I thought of the thousands of years that one or two hundred billion stars in the Milky Way and I read where there’s, like, two hundred billion galaxies. And I thought about our time together and talking to you and I said, “My Father and My God, You made all of that.” I was a little uptight about what to say and how to say it.

As I looked at nature and at those stars, and I began to praise and adore God, it got to be like, “Wow! I have got this. God is going to give me all that I need.”

Here’s what I want you to know: there is a way to learn to adore God and I want to give you a tool to do it. The tool is, certainly, you could begin with the Lord’s Prayer and you can look at nature. But I want you to turn to Psalm 103. This is my go-to adoration passage.

Psalm 103 goes something like this, “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless,” or, “praise,” or, “adore His name and forget none of His benefits.” And then He talks about the benefits, “…who pardons all your iniquities, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit.”

So, here it is, we have given you a little information here. I want you in your prayer time to begin by saying, “Okay, I am going to come before God, I am going to quiet my soul, and then I am going to praise and adore God. I am going to get my focus upward.”

If you’re not sure exactly what to say, “Bless the Lord.” What I did this morning is I just went through and I began to remember all the things that God has done. I remembered the day He chose me. I remembered the day I prayed to receive Christ. I remembered the day He brought my wife into my life. I remembered the day when one of my sons was in ICU and we thought he was going to die. I just began to thank Him and praise Him.

When you do that, things change. So, are you ready? I want you to adore God in your prayer time and we have given you a little outline about how to do that.


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126 comments on “Session 2: Adoration

  1. I am learning the importance of expanding my understanding of who God is and my need to worship Him in ways greater than just saying things like, “Thanks Lord for . . .” this or that, or saying “You’re awesome, Lord.” But instead, I need to let sink into my very being just how holy God truly is, and I need to verbalize to Him that I see and understand about Him.

    Truly God is beyond awesome. He is a mystery that loves His creation and loves to reveal Himself to those who seek Him. I am in awe of You, Lord God Almighty.

  2. I pray daily but this has helped me to become more personal and to slow down. To admire him first for who he truly is.

    Thank you Chip!

  3. A reminder that we often make things harder than they are. Just praise God through simple, humble prayer. I love Psalm 103.

  4. As I drove out yesterday morning, I wanted to pray in the car on my way to work. But I had so many worries in my head that morning, so many thoughts, small and big, on what needs to be done at home, deadlines, things here and there… they occupied my mind and my heart to such extent that I just thought: “God, I can’t pray, I don’t even know what to begin to pray with.” The stress and those thoughts were pressing on me so tightly that I just couldn’t even say a single word out loudly to God. And then, momentarily the speech broke out of my mouth and all it was was “Glory”, repeatedly, nothing but the word “Glory” all the way to work. Tears and praise to God is all it was!! Believe it or not, but to this day I still can’t recall any of those worries that I had, I can’t remember what they ever were, except one!!

  5. This study has helped me adore God again. I have been able to get my mind off of my personal tragedy and praise instead of complain. Thank you

  6. I think I’m ready to go deeper in my faith by learning how to adore God, and “REALLY” trust that I’m hearing from Him and not myself.

  7. I deeply appreciate the summary comment by “Patches” on 9/8 – “…when I don’t know what to pray then just adore GOD. Praise HIM in my prayers.”
    We can pray to Him & praise Him wherever we are. Whatever we are doing we can dedicate our activity into honoring & praising Him, for He is with us.

  8. 9/07/2019
    The personnel impact that was made to me was that when I don’t know what to pray then just adore GOD. Praise HIM in my prayers.

  9. God knows me inside & out. Even the number of hairs on my head. I can’t hide anything from Him. I need to praise God for who He is. God is powerful!! I am to give God all honor & praise!! He sent Jesus for me who died in my place. A sinful wretch.

  10. Life is about being intentional in all my relationships. Love is an action, not a feeling. When my relationship with God is distant… guess who moved?

    Father, don’t change my circumstances… heal my perspective.

  11. I travel a lot and I love to see the mountains, sunshine and the awesomeness God’ creative power. I start to think of and try to imagine myself up in the mountains and thinking what Abraham might have seen when God took him to a tall mountain and possibly supernaturally extended his vision as to the totality of the land He was giving him; or to imagine the whole land cover with water during the flood when I reach a high mountain. Makes me feel thankful and privileged in being one of His children, and having Him as my Abba Father, Jesus as my brother and the Holy Spirit as my guide and instructor. He keeps me in awe of Him.

  12. Thank you Chip
    You reminded me of one morning, “like 2 or 3 am” when I went out side and looked up to heaven. the night sky was crystal clear and the stars just spoke out to me, like their were saying “This God created for his children” Such as peace I never felt before. We serve an AWESOME GOD. What a blessing this study and you are.

  13. Thankyou Chip! So grateful for this teaching. Making me so much more aware of how and what to pray and getting me back on track in my prayer life! Love it!

  14. This session helped me refocus and clear my view of how great our God is!! The simple but powerful phrase , ” If I have a big zGod, I have small probles” sums it.

    At the beginning of the year God made it clear that I was “anxious” and directed me to Phil 4:6. This study is another way He is reminding me that I can have His peace in every storm.

  15. It taught me a new way to pray because I had known the acronym before but didn’t know how to apply it to my prayer life before today! So thank you for making it clear to me through this lesson! And God bless you for offering this course for free!

  16. Thank you Chip. This ties in with what I listened to on Thursday, “It’s all about relationships” Part 2. I have to roll the dice as you so aptly say and Trust God to find out in person that He truly is bigger than my problems. It will be a struggle to let go of the reins and trust. God, I believe, help my unbelief.

  17. I loved the statement about Big God/Small Problems vs Small God/Big Problems. It tells me to remember that God is Bigger than any problem I can have, and that I need to make God BIGGER in my life. I also appreciate the explanation and examples of what it means to give “adoration” to God.

  18. The questions led me to think about things in a new way. It showed me all the wrong things I was doing with GOD.When I put GOD where he is to be rightfully and think of him as the Mighty all Powerful All Knowing GOD who is to be glorified and he is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ask of him. My problems now pale in comparison.
    On the other hand I look on who I am . I am a created being for whom that great GOD gave up his only begotten son to suffer and be tempted .He was without sin. Through the shedding of his blood he purchased my redemption and now I am his child.This gives me the assurance that he would never pay such a price for me and then leave me alone.Whatever I go through now I know that he is with me and that is comforting.Oh that peace that passes all understanding.

  19. Creation/nature as a springboard for praising God….the possibilities are endless! Also liked the reminder that when I focus on my problems, I make God small, when the truth is, He is bigger and more than able to handle my problems.

  20. I loved this session. It put things in perspective. My problems are so small and my God is so big. I am blessed and forgiven. I am humbled.

  21. Pondering what it means to ascribe to the Lord the glory sure His name, God got very big and I rather had an Isaiah moment, I am a person of unclean lips and was overwhelmed trying to comprehend how I as a creation could possibly approach the Creator. I was driving but felt like I needed to fall on my face and cry Holy. Thank you Lord

  22. In life we will have troubles, we where not made to go threw life solving our own problems. I believe we where made for God and he loves us more than we know. He wants to be our father and we should have faith and trust in him for who he is, able to do great and mighty things. I believe we should praise Him for who He is and give him the glory, praise and honor He deserves.


  24. Just thinking about who God is has already lifted my spirit, and I’m excited to grow closer to God and to see Him move in my life and answer some needs in my life.

  25. I LOVE to use the Henry Blackaby Experiencing God names, titles and descriptions as a reminder of who He is to me. There is A similar for Jesus and the Holy Spirit too. I find this so comprehensive and the fullest one I have seen!!

  26. I know I always start out with what I want and deliver me from this now. Learning to put God first and saying how great He is and how much He loves us makes it so much more real and gets our focus where it should be.

  27. I learned that we serve such a mighty and powerful God that he deserves much more praise and worship than I give him. I need to pray more, I will pray without ceasing and in everything I do, give thanks to my glorious father in heaven who loves me and has great plans for my life.

  28. My GOD is big and my problems are small. I serve a big GOD, one who love me. Thanks for this teaching.

  29. Beautiful reminder! Praying this way, adoration to God, slows me down and puts my focus on God and how Great and Mighty and Faithful He is! Thank you Chip!

  30. I continue to be surprised by my answers in the guide. I was made aware that I don’t understand adoration. I will be seeking ways to practice this. I believe the lack of this in my life is a significant reason I suffer unnecessarily.

  31. This session has really help me to understand how to focus on the power of God and not worry, regardless of how difficult the circumstances may be. In all things, I will give God thanks.

  32. This morning in a time of my greatest need suffering from spiritual oppression and darkness coupled with lots of anger, wrath and malice.

    I came to our father in humble submission and prayed probably my best prayer ever and God listened and gave me peace, calmed my soul and spirit and healed my heart. Its almost 11.5 hours later i am still at peace and my soul is quiet.

    This session has taught me how to pray effectively and how to come before God in prayer. I have experienced ACTS today and did not realise probably that i used the ACTS method of prayer and this works.

  33. This series is good to repeat daily which is what i am doing. My prayer life is not so good but these are all good reminders of how to have more effective prayer. I am certainly a work in progress especially when it comes to prayer life! Thank you Chip for making this series!

  34. Through this Lesson, our Big God identified a couple of small (by comparison) issues that I have allowed to have an outsized influence in my daily life-and that by focusing on Him, I can walk in the Spirit more often!

  35. Thank you Chip, for giving us more insight on how we should pray.
    Writing prayers out has helped me so much and I like your idea of journaling.

  36. These sessions are short and to the point. I like that. They help us realize that we are praying and honoring a BIG GOD.

  37. I was taught how to adore God by remembering all He has done for me even some things I take for granted. I also learned that I can adore God by observing His glory as expressed by nature and its magnificence. One can also adore God by realising His greatness which makes my problems, circumstances or challenges become so small in comparison to who God is.

  38. I need to spend more time with GOD and less time concerned about situations out of my control. So I can see Him as a big God and my problems small.

  39. During the winters that I have been in New England watching the snow fall and how it covers the ground I just stand in awe of God. After listening to this video I am reminded that I need to make adoration part of my prayer life and not just when I see God’s handiwork in creation.

  40. I need to spend more time here with GOD and less time concerned about situations out of my control.
    I need HIS insight not mine.

  41. It reinforced my ACTS and reminded me that He’s got this, to STOP worrying and to move forward. After all, there’s nothing mortal men can do or circumstances too great. He’s always in control, He is FOR you and knows your name !

  42. When I am anxious I think God has forgotten me and then I try to do things on my own, which never works.God is in control,His ways are higher than my ways,His wisdom is greater than mine.I have to realize what He wants is what’s best for me, He is my father and I need to wait on Him. He knows the desires of my heart and will give me what I need as He wills.

  43. Thank you for this series on prayer and the wonderful framework of ACTS, Philippians 4:6,7, Psalm 103 to redirect our minds from our problems to our wonderful Savior and Lord and all He means to us. May I also suggest for those who are so inclined memorizing and singing to the Lord the first and third verses of Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee. Blessings to all!

  44. I was feeling like my prayers were lacking not in frequency but in substance. It seemed that anytime I asked other Christians questions about how to pray especially as a new Christian, I was never given a full detailed answer that seemed to answer my questions. I was starting to feel like others just felt like it is something you just do. “Just talk to God” was often their response. I now feel like I am having my questions answered so thank you Chip. Prayer is an important aspect of our Christian life and I now am feeling more confident with the tools you have given us.

  45. Thank you for Session 2 on Adoration and I’m reminded of Revelation 10.2 and how awesome that picture is of the Angel of God who may be seen as Our Lord, Jesus.

  46. I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this program. I am beginning to really feel and believe more deeply the love God has for each of us and that He wants to be a part of our lives because we want Him to be.

  47. Adoration has always been hard for me in my prayer time.
    I think I am beginning to understand…remembering all He has done for me, throughout my life…how can I not adore, praise and honour Him?!
    Thank you!

  48. I use Phil. 4:6-7 all the time with my hubby. He is facing a stressful season & worries all the time. I just tell him to simply pray about it. Leave it with God & He will handle it. God has never failed us & He won’t now. Don’t borrow trouble. Just take 1 day at a time & see what God will do.

  49. Rehearsing specific times that Jesus took hold of me and my family was a great impact that Chip shared, a principal for daily adoration. Thank you

  50. I have struggled to understand prayer itself, but adoration is the most difficult to implement. Chip did a great job explaining what adoration is and why it’s important. I also appreciate having the verses about adoring God in the lesson to refer to.

  51. On the last page of the Session Guide:
    Is there anything else you’ve heard God say? Anything else you need to reflect on through writing?

    Yes, in this lesson–the split in Philippians 4:6-7 At first the command “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God…./ then the promise…”And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

    There are other places like that in the Bible…. though God has revealed this one to me for the first time tonight. Praise You God and Thank You! You are faithful and true and Your Word is faithful and true. I’m blessed to be here. What a promise that is and to be honest, such a simple command. Why do I seem to struggle to follow such a simple command. Take it to the Lord in prayer. And take it to Him with thanksgiving! And don’t be anxious about anything. Look around what a great and mighty God He is, all that He has created. His wonders never cease. His works are great marvels to be sure. This I know, noone can take it from me. I believe in Him, I believe in His Word, His creation, His Son…..the death, burial, resurrection, and that He is coming again for me one day. Why do I fail in this simple thing called prayer.

    Help me Lord! Help me in my unbelief and in my wayward ways. For there is only good for me in You and in Your Kingdom! In Jesus name I pray, Amen!!

  52. This series comes straight from God’s heart. Let’s not miss a fragment of them!
    Lord led me pray as I answered the questions, as I did He showed me much more than came to my mind.
    Read even the comments, to receive even more! I will make a poster: Greater God, smaller problems, Greater problems, smaller God. And I will Adore Him by praying Praise using the alphabet to list them; letter by letter ( Lord You are Awesome etc). Thank you,Chip!

  53. Fits beautifully with Psalm 50:23
    He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me and prepares the way that I may show him the salvation of God.

  54. It made me realize that I need to show more Adoration to the Lord. He really have done and is doing great things in my life. I also need to let him become bigger than problems. If I let Him become bigger than my problems, he will work out my situation.

  55. This is a great reminder to praise God! To picture Him, high and seated on His throne and worship Him. Psalm 103 is a great passage. I also use the alphabet to help me in my worship. God is All-knowing, All-powerful, All-present, Amazing, Beautiful, Courageous and Delightful and I just keep going through the alphabet.

  56. This session has shown me one reason why my prayers are not being answered — I’m struggling to take my eyes off my problems and get them onto God. I thought I knew Him but maybe I don’t.

  57. Once again simple and refreshing as chip spoke about looking at the stars I love watching the morning sunrise as it reminds me of his great mercy that is new every morning and when I slow down and magnify God my fears and stressors are put in there proper place

  58. It was s great reminder of the faithfulness and sovereignty of MY Lord and Savior!! He is ALL that He says He is! Praise Him and worship Him ALWAYS in EVERY situation! Sometimes not specifically the situation but in His glory through the situation! If He sent His one and only son for ME … which He did … what more won’t He do for me! To think if I was the only sinner He would have still sent Jesus to do die!!! I mediate on that and adore Him!

  59. There is no doubt in my mind that God has, and does guard me through the bad decisions or choices I have made. As a teen and young adult, I didn’t think that much about it but as I look back, the circumstances could have been permanent or damaging to me in so many ways had God not been watching and waiting for me to change and come to Him. I don’t deserve it and never will but I’m sure He protected me for His greater purpose. My life today is soooo different. That change took place on the Emmaus Walk in the late 90’s. If you’ve never done that, I highly recommend it. 72 hours with Jesus and no distractions…only the love of God. Life changing experience. I adore my Father.

  60. I have always struggled with prayer. There are so many negative things going on with my son and I just don’t know how to pray for him. I am trying to let go and give it over to God, but I also want to help him and give him the right advice.
    This session I hope will help give me the peace I need and the help to not be anxious about the situation.

  61. I like what Wesley and Aleta say. I too go about my day praising and thanking Him for being a great generous Father but I do need to take time to listen for the still small voice.

  62. I wrote Chip’s quote down and hung this up in my kitchen to remind me that God is bigger than what I worry about. “If I have a big God, then I have small problems. If I have big problems then I have a small God.” I’ve also been encouraged to take time out throughout my day to look around me and praise God for what he’s created.

  63. I am finding these sessions to be very helpful in finding God in my heart. I think I was afraid to show my passion for him, as i do for other. I have had may hurts in life and have not truly trusted anyone one including God as what if he was not there for me. But i know in my mind that I love him and have been struggling to give my heart. I am trying very hard to fully open up and Chips lessons are helping me to understand that I have to let myself go fully. I have asked God Easter sunday to take me and my all I am surrendering to him. I have nothing to loose and all to gain. Just wish i had done this at a much earlier age.

  64. I really liked the reference to psalm 103! I loved the passion in Pastors voice when he talked about the a father!

  65. I can easily become comfortable and complacent with what God has given me. I get used to it. I need to make myself remember that this can all be gone in an instant. I need to remember that God is, that I need what He’s got, and that without Him air would not enter my lungs. He’s not just the God of the vast reaches of the universe. He grows my garden, keeps my car working, holds up the roof over my head, guards my body from disease. I need to remember that I can’t do those things, those seemingly little things. God is invested in me personally. I need to invest in Him.

  66. I find myself praising God throughout the day, when I marvel at His creation and through Christian songs of worship and praise! I have my radio locked in to Christian songs and in the evening, I listen to different teachers on Moody Radio, including Chip Ingram!

  67. My problems are so very small when I really look at them in relation to my powerful Father….knowing that He does know the answer.

  68. I realize that praise is a constant for me all day long. i find myself thanking God for even simple things…hot water, a warm home, and big things like His presence and His promises. That is praise… But I feel I need to stop talking and let Him talk back to me, to slow down so that it is a conversation.

  69. Hanging on tight to the knot at the end of my rope.
    No matter how large my problems are to me -nothing is too big for my God.

  70. The scripture and thoughts practical ways of adoring and praising God were very helpful to me and I will look to incorporate some of them daily so my view of God does not become small.

  71. Great biblical tool to use in prayer Chip! God’s compassion for us is incredible and His power absolute. Thank you Jesus for taking the burdens of the world so we may have peace in thanksgiving.

  72. Going through some difficult times this week and this was a wonderful reminder to me. I had forgotten how big my God truly is. I had taken my eyes off of him.

    Praying and thanking him now for what he has done for me and trusting that it will continue.

  73. By thinking about all of the times that God has intervened in my life, it humbles me. The more humble I am, the more I can adore our Creator. This has revealed to me that one of the ways to humble myself, then, is to praise and adore God.

  74. Chip made a very important point: “If I have a big God, I have a small problem. But, if I have a big problem, I have a small God.” I need to camp out on that statement for awhile. Two other key points I noted for more meditation: “There’s a way to learn to adore God.” “When I thank and praise God, things change.”

  75. What a great reminder to start prayer time off by clearing our minds and focusing on God — adoring Him and all He is and has done. After all, we were created to worship and adore Him.

  76. Remembering that my God is big, He is my Father who loves me and wants what is best for me. With this perspective my problems are small and my trials are purposeful which, in turn, gives me peace in the midst of it all.

  77. (I like the acronym!) I love 4th chapter of Philippians. It can certainly be tough not to worry about all kinds of things, but what a great focus on the directive in verse 6 – to NOT worry or be anxious about anything, and to bring your needs and concerns to God – followed by the resulting promise in verse 7 “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Amen! That is a reminder we probably all need to keep taped on the computer or the fridge and read daily.

  78. Philippians 4:6-7 Is one of my go to scriptures, I love the way Chip breaks it down and reminds us of how it is a great example of how to pray.

  79. The practical application example was excellent for those who might not have ever heard or experienced this.
    Sometimes we presume that everyone knows this, but for first generations Christians, this could be very new.

  80. Remembering to praise God for who He is always makes my problems smaller and less stressful – thanks for the reminder

  81. Phil:4 is one of my cherished chapters, not only in my life but as I have journeyed with adult children. Great to re- visit it .

  82. I love the ACTS model of prayer! Great reminder that prayer is also about giving Him the adoration He deserves, not just our requests.

  83. Really like the idea of using the words of Scripture as a model to guide me in prayer. Sometimes I don’t have the words to convey what I’m struggling with, but praying the truth of God’s Word draws me in and gets me focused on Him.

  84. Beginning prayer with adoration always helps put my priorities back into place. This session was a wonderful reminder to do that!

  85. Adoration is my favorite thing to do in prayer. It reminds me of who I’m talking to and helps me to really reverence God. For me, it seems to invite His presence into the room. I have a strong sense of the presence of God. It’s amazing!

  86. For me this session made me realize that when we praise God and adore Him it helps us to truly understand how mighty, powerful, and worthy of adoration He is.

  87. So good to be taught a simple way to begin my prayer – with adoration for God – that would set the proper tone for the entire conversation!

  88. Listing the qualities of God and what they mean really reminded me of how many reasons there are to praise Him for who He is instead of what He does for me.

  89. Chip’s comment, “If you have a big God, you have a small problem… But if you have a big problem you have a small God” really hit home with me. God is bigger than all of my problems and putting Him and our relationship first gives me peace in all circumstances.

  90. Good reminder for me to really adore God and praise Him. I like the idea to think and remember ALL (no matter how big or small) that he has done for me when I come before him.

  91. This was a great reminder that my God is bigger then my circumstances.
    Peace doesn’t mean everything is going great in life. Peace is knowing that everything is okay because I put my trust in a God that is bigger then my problems.

  92. Chip provides such practical and helpful tips in this session to encourage us to lead with adoration of God in our prayer life. That alone will take my prayer life to the next level!

How did this session make a personal impact?

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