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Session 5: Supplication

How to Experience God in Prayer

God is a good Father, and He hears our cries for help. In this session, Chip shows us how to turn anxiety into specific requests we can put before God.

Online Discipleship: How to Experience God in Prayer
Part 5: Supplication

Welcome to session five of How to Experience God in Prayer. I am excited to wrap this up with you. We have talked about: there is a kind of prayer. Just saying words, your mind wandering, “Oh, God, please help me.” There are a lot of prayers that don’t allow us to really connect with God.

But there is a kind of prayer that God promises you will experience supernatural peace and very specific power. It’s found in Philippians chapter 4; that’s where we have been. By way of review, let’s follow along, let’s read it together one more time. “Be anxious for nothing” – that’s big, isn’t it? “But in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God.” Adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and now our fourth word: supplication. Very specific petitions, with the promise that, when that happens, the peace of God will literally, a surpassing peace, will guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus.

This last word is really interesting. It has the idea of a very specific, literal writing out a grocery list and bringing it to God. One of the reasons that a lot of people don’t experience God, good Christians, mature Christians, is they pray very vague prayers. “Lord, bless my children. Lord, give me a good day. Lord, I hope things will go well. Lord, would You help?”

Well, you know, He may do that, but you don’t know whether He did or not. As someone has said, nothing really becomes dynamic until it becomes specific. This word is a word for: bring your specific things to God. When Jesus was teaching about prayer in Matthew 7, “Ask, seek, knock,” and then he gives this picture of when a child comes before this father and he asks very specifically, his father is not going to give him something bad.

So here’s what I want you to get: you have to come to the point where you begin to ask very specific things. Again, for me, a journal has been helpful. This journal is my important prayers for 2018. Some of you aren’t writers. I’m a verbal processor, but I have about seven or eight things that are personal that are very specific and I will tell you, when 2018 is over, if the Lord doesn’t return, I will know: answered, answered, answered, or, wow, that wasn’t answered yet, or maybe I need to change that prayer. But let me encourage you to be very, very specific in your prayers.

The other thing is that there is a context here where, let’s remember, he said when anxiety comes, this is how to pray: adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and then you bring these specific things. One of the things that I have done, again, I use my journal is when I am feeling anxious, I actually take it and I make a little box.

What I do is I take my anxieties and make a little box: “My wife and I aren’t getting along right now.” Right? Doesn’t everyone have a little tiff with your wife now and then? I make a little box. “Lord, show me what I need to do, specifically, today, to repair the relationship with my wife.” Put a little box: “Lord, will You give me discernment today about what I am supposed to do in the meeting with Bob?” Another box: “Lord, will You please provide?”

What I can tell you is that I have boxes with check marks, with dates next to them, in my journal and what I can see is the God of the universe is showing up in my life. He is not showing up because I am special. I am special in that I am His son. He is showing up because in the midst of the anxiety and the pressure and the demand – those are problems – God has disguised those as opportunities for you and for me to say, “I am anxious.” Don’t be anxious. “What should I do?” I am going to get a view of God – adoration. I’m going to get an honest view within – confession. I am going to salt and pepper that and I am going to list my blessings and choose to be thankful.

Then I am going to take my journal and say, “Lord, here’s my specific needs. I am offering them to You and I am praying in faith. I am asking You to show up in these specific ways.” Here’s what I am going to tell you: yes, you will experience emotional peace, but you will find yourselves writing down specific answers to prayer and you’ll realize God is at work. He is for you. You are asking; He’s answering. You’re seeking; He’s coming. You’re knocking; doors are opening.

It really turns the entire Christian life into an amazing adventure. And, so, let me encourage you. Here’s a little thing I want to end all of our time with; you might even memorize this. This is one that takes this entire passage, everything we have learned, and I kind of like to get things down to one sentence: When anxiety knocks at the door of your heart, let prayer answer.

What kind of prayer? Adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and specific supplication. …and run into your Father’s heart.
Our Father who is in heaven, who is holy, loves you and cares for you. Bring your needs. He will take care of them. Confess your sins. He wants to forgive them. The power, the glory, His will wants to be done in your heart and in your life.

He is just waiting for normal sons and daughters like you and me to come. Draw near to God; He will draw near to you. It’s an exciting journey together. I pray that you will learn like never before, not just to pray, but to experience God in your prayers.


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63 comments on “Session 5: Supplication

  1. The impact to my prayers will be interesting, because I struggle with this “be very, very specific” concept. It just sounds so much like I will be saying “Do this for me.” “Give me this/give me that.” “Fix this/fix that.” It seems like I’m ordering God.

    I will continue to ask for wisdom and understanding. I will seek discernment. I will keep on knocking as I wait upon the Lord for these things in my life. I will continue to read the Bible and pray.

  2. Thank you to Chip and your team for providing these resources on how to become closer to God, the true life-giving source! I have been blessed!

  3. WE have the privilege of knowing god, and we do not place it in the highest priority of our lives.
    I want to learn to adore, confess, give thanks and trust him with the elements of my life, my family’s lives, my church’s life, and His will for my country and the world.

  4. Thank you for challenging me in my prayer time with God. I’m growing through these simple reminders about what prayer really is, even though I have been a Christian for sixteen years. Sometimes, it’s best to just get back to the basics with God to feel the most closeness with Him. Holy rhythms are good, but I have to remember not to let a routine go stale with God. “Keep growing and keep seeking Me” is what I hear God telling me personally lately. This is a beautiful step forward in this process of progress. ~Meg

  5. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to study, come to firmly understand, and implement the ACTS prayer format. Thank you!

  6. Thanks for this series. It was great to finally understand the ACTS prayer. You have answered my questions that i prayed for. Thank God for people like you.

  7. I have been taking each lesson and instilling them into my prayers. This whole series has bolstered my praying time with the Lord. I am writing this, close to tears as I long to experience God’s mighty hand, not only in my life, but in the lives of those I am praying for.

  8. As always, Chip, you are able to give direction and break the issues down. You always connect the scripture to the need of our hearts. Thank You, no I thank God for using you to bless and teach so many others as we go through our journey of learning and being transformed into the person God created us to be.

  9. Enjoyed it. Every single word has absolutely made sense. Looking forward for more wonderful sessions. God bless you always…

  10. I started the first session and it gripped my heart. Amazing! Anointed! Thank you Chip Ingram and team. This has made a great difference in my life. I feel elated and excited even as type this. God Bless you all

  11. Thank you Chip for serving the Lord in this way. So thankful that we have direct access to our Heavenly Father. This was a great reminder for me.

  12. I have learned a lot from this course and I will be putting it into practice right away! I look forward to seeing God work in my life through answered prayers and thank you once again for offering this course for free it is the only way I could have taken it because I am on a limited income and could not afford to pay for it.God bless you Chip and your ministry team!

  13. I’ve always wondered what supplication meant and for some reason never looked it up, just would read it; wonder, and go on. This series was very helpful. Thank you so much.

    My mind wanders when I pray. So many of my prayers just turn into “help me”. I’ve felt guilty, like my wandering mind proved I wasn’t faithful enough. I focus better when writing things down, so will start with a prayer journal to help keep me on track. Thanks again! I’ve been searching for a way to find more depth in prayer.

  14. This journey has been transformational in my prayer life. Thank you Chip and the staff at living on the edge. This is been such a refreshing and exciting journey to begin! Looking forward to specific answers to specific prayers knowing that we have a good Father who desires to give us good gifts! Thank U thank U thank U !

  15. I have been leading a Life Group to participate first in the Why I Believe Study and now in the True Spirituality study and this one on How to Experience God in prayer, really complements those other studies. I highly recommend this both to my Life Group and other people’s groups or just individual’s if you have been having a problem igniting your prayer life. Thanks again Chip for your wisdom and encouragement.

  16. It seems like Jesus changes the subject in the last sentence of Luke 11:9-13. I looked at the verses before and after this passage and don’t think there’s anything out of context. He says “how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him.” He doesn’t say ‘give you what you need.’ He says “give the Holy Spirit.” Is that because the Holy Spirit is the best need to request?

  17. I have always heard that you don’t take a laundry list to God. From what I just heard is that you take your list and you need to be specific about the needs on your list. I am not always specific with my prayers as I ought to be. Sometimes I don’t know how to pray for a specific need especially when it comes to my children. I am glad that the Holy Spirit intercedes for me.

  18. This was just what I needed today. I had been attacked with words twice in the last three days and I felt so hurt and discouraged I could not even pray. Thanks for helping me to see with God’s help there is a way through this too.

  19. You are such a great blessing Chip! I thank God for His guidance and wisdom in your life. Your resource of how to experience God in prayer is a great help to me. Thank you so much.

  20. I found a journal that I had started back in 2016. Now I am starting again and following the advice from Chip. Thank you!

  21. I have been a believer 38 years, BSF discussion leader for years…this brief, clear, teaching was so Holy Spirit led and impactful, I am rehearsing these last 4-5 weeks what I have been taught (makes us teachable Lord)

    Solid. Humble. Tech savvy teaching I believe will reach many, I will pray that the Lord Jesus will give me opportunity to share this Living on the Edge (so true)

    Thank you.

  22. THANKS Chip !!! This teaching couldn’t have come in a better time for me. I will apply A.C.T.S to my life & prayer time. I pray this will continue to touch people’s hearts and motivate them to P.U.S.H !!! ( Pray Until Something Happens )

  23. It meant alot to me because the time with Chip felt so personal. It was like he was talking to me sharing his personal experiece to help me get closer to God. Thank you

  24. After this session I immediately got out a notebook and wrote my prayers down with boxes to check off. I’ve done prayer journaling before but this time I feel I am able to focus on Who I am talking to instead of just rattling off my requests. Thank you! These sessions were timely! God is good.

  25. It’s helped me to have a more authentic and real deep connection with God. I’ve taken the challenge to be very specific with God in prayer now I’m just waiting for him to answere some of them and in the meantime still connecting with him even if He hasn’t answered yet.

  26. This has ignited my prayer life!
    Living on the Edge, is an invaluable resource and we are grateful for your time and dedication to building up the church, teaching and strengthening disciples. Thank you!

  27. Thank you for the opportunity to access this well presented, thought provoking, refreshing, soul searching, simply put across series. Love Chip’s teachings.

  28. Just completed study. WOW! Thank you so much Chip. A great impact in my prayer life . I am in a tough season of life. Your teaching reminds me about the need to be specific. THANK YOU GOD DOES ANSWER PRAYERS

  29. I have enjoyed and learnt a lot from all sessions. The given information will enrich my prayer life and my relationship with God . Thanks Chip. May God continues to use and bless you and your family.

  30. Session has been very practial and helpfull.
    understand more the importance of relational prayer
    instead of transactional. THANKS so much.

  31. I already had several prayers answered overnight. Thank you Chip. Your teachings resonate with me. Thank you Jesus. Thank you.

  32. All of the sessions presented new material as well as a brief review of the previous days. What Chip suggested we do was easy to apply to each person’s life. Nothing involved hours of work or reading. Just apply it to your own prayers. I loved this study.

  33. This series has been revitalizing for my prayer life. I knew this but I had drifted away from this pattern. So good to be reminded and refreshed. I often struggle with my prayers and this helps me focus and categorize my thoughts rather than wonder all over the place.
    Thank you for this study and your ongoing ministry. It strengthens my daily walk and in my spirit. You bring real-life applications that I can use to grow my relationship with Christ.
    Thank you!

  34. The word and thought I am clinging to today is SPECIFIC. I like the idea of the prayer boxes and checking off and dating the specific prayers that have been answered. I have realized through these sessions that my prayers are too broad even though they are for people I know who are in need. There are soooo many that it would take a night to name them each by name. I need to really think about how I can be more specific with my prayers without feeling I’ve left anyone or anything out ! Thank you for this.

  35. I love what Chip said about making specific requests to God in prayer: “Nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific.” I believe this is a critical point in making our supplication to God more personal and powerful.

  36. I love how Chip wraps up this series. When he describes how to be specific with your prayers is very valuable lesson for me.

  37. Being specific, I realize, is God helping me – He already knows all, but when I take the time to think and carefully relay my thoughts to him, I am deep in prayer before I know it. It causes me to slow down and spend time with Him.

  38. Thank you for these sessions. I know this ACTS prayer, but now I realize I only know about it, but don’t really know it. I would go from A to C to T to S, like a formula. Chip helped me understand how 1 actually flow to another. Thank you so much!

  39. A reminder to make supplications specific. How this relates and impacts the “prayer cycle”. God answers our prayers, I am reminded how big God is, how I need Him, and give thanks for His care and love for me which gives me boldness to come to Him in supplication again. Spending this time in “proper” prayer deepens my relationship with my Father.

  40. I started journaling over 10 years ago and it transformed my prayer life, helped me draw closer to the Lord and continuously reminds me of His love for me and how many prayers He has answered.

  41. I don’t currently keep a prayer journal but would like to start. I love Chip’s suggestion of putting checkboxes next to each “specific” request and checking back later to mark off the ones where God showed up and answered. What an uplifting and encouraging habit to create! Thanks Chip!

  42. I usually just pray aloud, but I am excited to begin writing down my prayers to see when they are answered. It will be an adventure to see the Lord’s work in my life.

  43. This session brought home the need to be specific in prayer. The whole series is another quality product put out by LOTE and presented with genuine love by Chip. Thank you!

  44. I must admit, this session was convicting. I realize how often I pray hurried, general prayers, not even realizing I’m missing out on the “adventure” of seeing God answer specific requests. This will definitely change my prayer life going forward!

  45. I love Chip’s method of writing down specific prayers with boxes to check when God answers. What a great way to acknowledge that God is a personal God! He is with us in the midst of all of our struggles.

  46. This session made me realize that I’m not specific enough in my prayers. Being more specific really helps us put our trust in God and rely on Him for all things, big or small.

  47. Thank you for helping me to evaluate how I handle anxiety and redirecting my response. Prayer is the answer to anxiety!

  48. Understanding that my ‘peace meter’ is a good gauge of how well I’m trusting in God’s promises, in His provision and turning over my concerns to Him.

  49. I like the idea of writing down the actual prayers. Then going back and write down the answered prayers too. Great way to see God at work and helps you see that He does hear you.

How did this session make a personal impact?

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