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  • Why God Loves to Prosper Generous People

    November 17, 2015 — Chip Ingram

    Most of us know it’s good to give a portion of our money to God. Yet we don’t always believe that God actually wants to bless us when we give. The truth is God always loves to bless us, but He especially loves to bless generous people.

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  • You Love God ... But Do You Trust Him?

    November 03, 2015 — Chip Ingram

    The most difficult question of the Christian life is: “If God really loves me, how can He let ‘this’ happen to me?” “This” for some of us might be a divorce, the death of a child, or a loved who gets cancer. I once knew a high school student whose friend died in a car accident. He answered that question with this response: “If God really loves me and allows my best friend to die in a car crash, then I don’t want anything to do with this God.” My friend’s son turned away from God, never to return.

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  • What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus?

    October 19, 2015 — Chip Ingram

    Everyone is following something or someone. Some people follow in the footsteps of their family. Some follow a philosophy of life, like the Golden Rule: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” While others follow their own intuition, drawing from the salad bar of philosophy, religion, friends, and family. They do whatever they feel is right in their gut.

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  • What is God's View of Abortion?

    September 27, 2015 — Chip Ingram

    Regardless of where you find yourself landing on the issue of abortion, it’s one of the most pivotal and most volatile issues in America today. And no longer is it just an issue “out there.” We now know that 65 percent of women who have abortions self-identify as Christians. Chances are that in the next few years you’ll be in a situation where a friend or a colleague will be facing a very real decision about whether or not to have an abortion, and she’ll ask you for advice.

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  • How to Prepare Yourself for Spiritual Battle

    September 17, 2015 — Chip Ingram

    When most of us think of spiritual attack or demonic activity, our minds jump to bizarre or frightening images that we’ve seen in the movies or weird stuff happening in our homes. But the truth is that the majority of the spiritual attacks we face are unseen.

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  • Why We Hurt Others with Our Words

    September 01, 2015 — Chip Ingram

    Has someone ever said something judgmental and negative behind your back that questioned your motive, integrity or character? If so, how did it make you feel when you found out about it? Probably pretty rotten, right? Nothing is more painful than when someone says something about you that is blatantly untrue.

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  • How to Respond When Your Dreams Are Shattered

    August 14, 2015 — Chip Ingram

    Whether we’re a kid, young adult, in mid-life and beyond, we all experience shattered dreams. For some of us, it’s the heartbreak of our parents divorcing when we were children. For others, it’s that we never get married or we lose our spouse prematurely. Still for others, it’s the loss of a job or a home.

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  • God's Design for Marriage

    August 10, 2015 — Chip Ingram

    Imagine a giant 15,000-piece jigsaw puzzle in a big cardboard box. Now imagine a married couple locked up in a room together where the only way out is to solve this jigsaw puzzle without the box top. Without the box top they won’t know what the finished puzzle is supposed to look like.

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  • Do You Take Jesus Seriously?

    July 13, 2015 — Chip Ingram

    I’ll never forget the first day I walked into Mr. Hall’s 9th grade Algebra class. Brad Star, who was my friend since junior high, was the class clown and I was his assistant. That day, Brad started up his usual antics when suddenly Mr. Hall turned to him and said sternly, Mr. Star, you are now excused! And just like that, my friend was gone.

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  • Why Developing Our Spiritual Gifts Is So Important

    July 01, 2015 — Chip Ingram

    For many Christians, there’s a lot of mystery and confusion that surrounds the spiritual gifts. Most of us have taken at least one spiritual gifts inventory, read books about spiritual gifts, and even heard sermons on the subject, yet we haven’t actually developed our gifts.

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