How Do I Stand Strong As a Christian?

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How to Overcome Temptation?

This world is full of temptation. As Christians, we’re even more aware of temptation and what’s right and wrong. Yet, for many of us, sin feels like a losing battle.

We don’t want to lust, but somehow we find ourselves lusting. We may notice that everybody at the office leaves early and we know that we shouldn’t, but we do anyway. We do these things even though we also know that those familiar feelings of guilt and shame will inevitably follow.

So how do we stand strong and stop from giving in to temptation? How do we live out the Christian life?

Often what we hear in response to these questions is: “You need to try harder.” Or, “Just read the Bible more.” “Pray more.” “Go to church more.” So we try and we try and we try… and we fail. And then we might try, try, try again and fail, so we fake it. This is because trying hard doesn’t work.

The Bible says in Romans 12:2 that we are not to “be conformed to this world, but be transformed.” This transformation process doesn’t happen as a result of us trying harder, and it certainly doesn’t happen by us doing more religious activity. The Bible says it happens by renewing our minds. Only then will be able “to test and approve what God’s will is — His good, pleasing, and perfect will.”

But this renewing process doesn’t come without some effort on our parts. What most people don’t realize is the connection between their really big problems and the fact that they usually spend very little time actually renewing their minds. The truth is each one of us is the product of our thought life. Therefore, what we think about ourselves and about the world does have an effect on how we view God and ourselves.

Although the process of renewal is one that takes our initial choice and efforts, we can also rest assured that God is also in the process with us and is constantly giving us His truth through His word.

So here’s the game-changer. A good way to practice renewing your mind is to go on a two-day media fast. This means no television, no Netflix, and no Internet. During this time, memorize Romans 12:2. Then spend just seven minutes a day, for the next seven days, reading God’s word and see if victory doesn’t become a reality.


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