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Broken Hearts Broken Dreams

Why Marriages Don't Work Anymore, and How to Make Yours the Exception

Divorce is a disastrous part of our society today. So, if you’re in a committed relationship or want to be someday, how can you avoid becoming part of this depressing trend? In this short series, Chip’ll share some practical step-by-step instructions to protect and enrich your relationship. Learn about the common problems that plague marriages and the biblical solutions to make your relationship the exception. Discover how to have a marriage that can endure anything!

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Why Marriages Don't Work Anymore, Part 1

Remember your wedding day - the planning, the dreams, the excitement?  Do you wish you could rekindle those “just-married” feelings and passions all over again? Chip gets this series started by explaining how you can spark that flame of love, and at the same time build a friendship and foundation that will stand the test of time.

Why Marriages Don't Work Anymore, Part 2

Imagine trying to put a 10-thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle together without the picture! You’d eventually give up. Chip suggests that your marriage is a 10-million-piece jigsaw puzzle and unless you find the picture on the box top, you'll spend years in frustration and heart ache. If you want to find that picture, for your marriage jigsaw puzzle, this message is for you.

How to Make Your Marriage the Exception, Part 1

Til death do us part - when you walked down that aisle and said, “I do!” you had hopes and dreams for your marriage that were off the charts! In this message, Chip shares a life-skill with you that can keep your marriage going strong!

How to Make Your Marriage the Exception, Part 2

Would you like to stop the fighting in your marriage, the damaging outbursts of anger, the mistrust, the hurt? Your marriage is worth fighting for, so join Chip as he gives you two keys to restore and revive your marriage. Help is on the way!