The ART of Survival

in an Age of Chaos

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Surviving in this age of chaos is an A.R.T. that you can learn! You can overcome hard times with the Bible’s clear teachings.

As Christians, we know we are called to be overcomers – the gospel promises victory, not victimhood. But sometimes our biggest question isn’t how we can thrive; it’s how we can even survive.

The Church began in desperate times. The book of James was written to desperate people, much like ourselves.┬áIn The A.R.T. of Survival In an Age of Chaos, Chip guides us through James’s bold teaching on ways to thrive in turmoil.

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The Art of Survival book is inspired by the book of James, which was written to desperate people, much like ourselves. We live in an unsettled world. That’s nothing new, of course. But certain periods seem more chaotic than others, and in recent national and global events have shaken people deeply.

We get unsettled for personal reasons too. We each face crises in certain seasons of life, and some of them can be very traumatic. We have relational struggles, financial problems, health issues, and many other challenges that shake our faith and often seem impossible to overcome. Life can be really difficult sometimes.

Before there was an art of survival book, there was James’ letter addressed to an early Church birthed in desperate times. It was one of the earliest letters of the New Testament, written to acknowledge believers who had been scattered by persecution and needed to know how to survive. He provides some answers for them- and us, which Chip calls the A.R.T. of Survival:

  • An Attitude to embrace
  • A Resource to ask for
  • A Theology to understand

When we choose the right attitude, accept God’s resources, and get trained to see from His perspective, we can overcome trials with confidence!

The Bible tells us that we live in a fallen world and even though we’ve all experienced its resulting frustrations, we’re still sometimes surprised by the challenges we face. But, Peter told his readers not to be surprised at their painful trials as if they were something strange (1 Peter 4:12). Jesus told His followers that they would have tribulation in the world but not to fear: He had overcome the world (John 16:33). As Christians, we know we are called to be overcomers- that the gospel promises victory, not victimhood. The fires of our trials can either burn up our faith or purify it into something imperishable!

As you begin reading The Art of Survival book, you will quickly understand that survivors have other options. The Holy Spirit inspired James, brother of Jesus, to reveal them to us. God’s solutions are practical, powerful, and life-changing, and they give us everything we need to remain anchored in eternity in an unsettled world.

Our world is in desperate need of Christians who live like Christians- ordinary people, like you and me, who will practice the art of survival and endure whatever comes their way with joy!


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