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Easter - Hope for the Hopeless

Chip asks the question: Where is God when you hurt? When you’ve lost heart? Lost courage? Lost hope? If you’re struggling, and it feels like God is a million miles away, you don’t want to miss this message. You’re not alone, God is VERY present, and you can have hope because He is good, and He never fails.

Message Notes

Hope for the Hopeless, Part 1

When you're hurting and you ask God to rescue you, you expect Him to show up and save the day. But sometimes it seems like He doesn't hear your prayers and things go from bad to impossible. Why would a good, all-loving God allow that to happen if He cares? Join Chip as he answers this very difficult question.

Hope for the Hopeless, Part 2

In just a couple of days we will celebrate Easter.  We'll celebrate the hope that we have in Jesus Christ because of His resurrection.  But for some of us, connecting that event 2000 plus years ago to our lives today, is tough - especially when life feels impossible.  If you're struggling to understand why God hasn't answered your prayers, or fixed your problem, or taken away the pain, Chip's message will be a great encouragement!