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The Real God

How He Longs for You to See Him

There is a deep sense of unease in our rapidly changing world.  We all know something has been lost but don’t know why or where it all leads. Popular culture says it’s all about me – that the end justifies the means, that love means self-satisfaction, that status and appearance are what count. And this ultimately self-destructive perspective has thoroughly infiltrated the church as confusion replaces conviction. The way back, the path of hope, starts with knowing God for who He really is.

When you join Chip Ingram in this in-depth study of seven attributes of God – His goodness, sovereignty, holiness, wisdom, justice, love, and faithfulness – you’ll see Him in a whole new light. It will change the way you think about God, yourself, and others. You will pray and live with a deep peace and a renewed purpose as you see Him as He longs to be seen.


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This all-inclusive Bible study gives you a deeper understanding – a certainty about who God is – that positively impacts your view of yourself, your relationships, your purpose, and how you deal with adversity. Scripture reveals there are characteristics of God that you can know with certainty. You will study seven of those attributes – like a jeweler would study the facets of a diamond – and in each one, you’ll see him in a new light.

The Real God workbook includes a participant code that unlocks eight video lessons in which Chip shares personal stories surrounding his misperceptions of God and how his life changed when he started to “carry” a confident hope about everything. Participants have unlimited access to the video teaching, which can be streamed on any device.

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Family Devotional

As kids grow up, they can form impressions about God from a lot of sources. Some are good; others may be faulty. Our family devotional helps your family discover what the Bible reveals about who God is. We go deep on seven attributes of God that will help your kids form the right impressions, so they can start to truly know Him.

This completely FREE online resource features streaming videos plus a downloadable discussion guide. The discussion guide will lead you as you help your kids explore who God really is, how to know Him better, and what He really thinks about us. We make it simple by providing conversation starters, fun activities and takeaways for each session.The fun and engaging videos will spark conversations, providing a big idea to discuss as well as a key Bible verse. Reclaim time with your family and learn more about The Real God.

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8 Sessions Including:

  • Seeking God
  • Goodness of God
  • Sovereignty of God
  • Holiness of God
  • Wisdom of God
  • Justice of God
  • Love of God
  • Faithfulness of God