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Tips to help you become a stronger small group leader.

Enjoy video footage from our Live Church Leader Training Event featuring Chip Ingram and Jim Blazin. Featuring responses to questions from leaders like you, you’ll gain insight into new ways to invest in your small group leaders.


Building Community

Group Health





Spiritual Simplicity Coaching

Session 1: All You Need is Love

This coaching video with Pastors Chip Ingram and Lance Witt will help you create the right environment for God to move in your group. Get practical ideas that will help you prepare for group in ways that help you focus…

Session 2: What’s Love Got to Do With It?

For leaders, this week is about helping your members build (and safeguard) margin into their lives in ways that will help them experience God’s love in it’s simplest form. Pastors Chip Ingram and Lance Witt help you lead the way…

Session 3: Love is the Answer

This session addresses how love responds to hurt, and can be a sensitive topic. Leading with honesty and transparency in an atmosphere of grace will help your group be ok with allowing others to speak honestly into their lives. If…

Session 4: Love Me Tender

Practical ways that leaders can help your group recognize and celebrate the unique differences – and strengths – of your group members. Learn how to recognize those differences in a way that ups ownership and invites group involvement at a…

Session 5: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Session 5 examines how love responds to failure, and asks members to share specific failures they have experience. Pastors Chip Ingram and Lance Witt offer pointers for leaders that will help you create a safe environment for transparency and help…

Session 6: In the Name of Love

This session is all about having the tough conversations that will challenge your group to take next steps and apply what they are learning to their everyday life. Learn what it takes to help your members become doers of the…

Session 7: What the World Needs Now

Pointers for leaders that will help your members close that gap between the reality of their family experience and God’s plan. Ideas that will help you navigate an often emotionally charged topic with sensitivity by embracing the truth about how…

Session 8: Get On Board the Love Train

The final session looks beyond a simplified life in the short term to identify what is required to sustain these changes over time. Help your members make the leap with everyday practices that grow mature followers of Jesus. If you…