Become a Romans 12 Christian

If you're ready to move beyond 'going through the motions' and experience a real relationship with God, then you're ready to become a Romans 12 Christian.

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not heat
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Group Health

How to Tackle Commitment Problems in Group

Ever feel like some group members are just going through the motions? Here are some practical ways to up the commitment level in your group .

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What things can "kill" a group?

Learn how to spot five behaviors that can kill your group and ways to avoid them or course-correct your group when it's needed.

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What if I'm not a Bible expert?

Ever worried about someone in your group asking a question about the Bible that you can't answer? Here's why it's ok and three straightforward responses.

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Spiritual Simplicity

Tips to help your group members do less and love more.

Leader coaching from Chip Ingram and Lance Witt will help leaders press into the core issues of Spiritual Simplicity in a small group setting. Learn what questions to expect and how to help your group experience a shift from complex to simple.

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