3 Exciting Highlights from Our Ministry Report

By Staff Writers

Recently, Living on the Edge published our latest Ministry Report.

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Revealed in our Ministry Report is this exciting news:

Living on the Edge is committed to doubling down on three essential areas of ministry over the next several years.

We believe the greatest need in the world and the Church is discipleship. God is calling us to Build Disciple Makers! Here’s how:

3 Ministry Report Highlights

1. Our teaching ministry will reach millions through radio and digital.

By expanding our digital platforms to reach the next generation, we’ll see twice as many people hearing God’s Truth every single day. This will include establishing a team of younger voices around Chip.

Pray with us! Doubling the reach requires additional operational and financial infrastructure, which we are confident God will provide.

Join thousands listening to broadcasts and teachings on Chip’s Living on the Edge YouTube channel

Chip Ingram’s Living on the Edge will double its Daily Discipleship reach.

2. Daily Discipleship will mentor more than 200,000 individuals.

In addition to bringing true help to thousands more when we double our reach, Daily Discipleship connects believers and creates a community of support. Imagine the incredible impact these connections can fuel when even more disciples are mentored by Chip through new series that are in development.

Pray with us, asking God to connect believers in meaningful ways to encourage spiritual transformation. 

Chip Ingram’s Living on the Edge will double its impact by reaching more with teachings and resources.

3. Pastoral training will prepare 170,000 international leaders for ministry.

God has opened doors for us to encourage and equip pastors around the world during these uncertain days. Unfortunately, we’re watching pastors struggle with burnout, grief, hopelessness, and persecution. These leaders need resources, support, and training to continue thriving in their ministries.

Pray with us as we facilitate The A.R.T. of Survival and High Impact Church training, reaching leaders in new areas around the globe.

As always, we’re committed to helping believers engage in the Scriptures, knowing that when we’re immersed in God’s Word, we become the Difference Makers our world so desperately needs.

Committed to Building Disciple Makers, Living on the Edge will double down on three essential areas of ministry. Check out the Vision Report for details. Share on X

In the ministry report, read encouraging testimonies from men and women who’ve been transformed as a result of encountering God’s Work through Living on the Edge ministries. Also, find the list of global destinations for our new High Impact Church Training so you can pray specifically for those leaders and locations.


Read more about our plans for 2024 and beyond when you read the Ministry Report for yourself.

How have you been impacted by the ministries discussed here? Share your experience and encourage others!


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Living on the Edge Ministry Report

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