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If we think about it very hard, we admit that there’s not much in this life we actually control. In this series, from John chapters 6 – 10, Chip Ingram explains that to follow someone or something means we willingly let someone else lead. When Jesus asks people to follow Him, He means He will take on the responsibility to provide, lead, protect, and love – and as followers, we agree to believe, trust, and obey – even when it’ll take everything we’ve got, to do that. Chip details the journey from forgiveness to freedom, as he fills in the blanks of what it means to follow Jesus.

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This five part audio series includes the following message titles:

• Jesus, Miracles, and You

If God could do a grade-A supernatural miracle in your life right now, the kind that can’t be explained away be skeptics or scientific reasoning, if God could do that for you – what would it be? A relationship? A health issue? Finances? Chip begins this first message by exploring what the Bible has to say about Jesus, miracle, and you.

• Jesus Offers Satisfaction

Wouldn’t it be great if somehow you could just flip a switch and be instantly and completely satisfied? Satisfied with you life, no matter how much money you make, where you live, who you’re married to, or how you look – satisfaction, regardless of circumstances?  So what keeps us from achieving that? In this message, Chip explores what Jesus had to say about finding fulfillment.

• No More Shame

We can all look back over out lives and see some things we regret doing or saying. We’ve all made mistakes – some big, some not so big. And for many of us, those mistakes are shaping our life right now and are threatening to shape our future.  Chip talks about how to be set free from the bondage of sexual sin.  Whether it’s something that is in your past, or the central part of your life right now, there is hope for you – to find forgiveness, freedom, and chart a new path for your future.

• What’s it Mean to Follow Jesus?

What does it mean to follow Jesus? Do you need to take a vow of poverty?  Or live in a state of constant denial? Does it mean that life will become a set of rules and regulations? Or could it mean just the opposite? Chip explains that genuinely following Jesus is the most important decision you’ll ever make because it will literally set the course for your entire life.

• Every Sheep Needs a Shepherd

Jesus said that He is the Good Shepherd – but what does that really mean to us today?  It doesn’t sound all that important or impressive.  In this message, Chip shares one of the most powerful images of Jesus – a description that Jesus gave of Himself.  It’s probably a different Jesus than you’re used to thinking about.  Join Chip as he reveals Jesus as He would like you to think of Him.


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SKU: DA21885-CP Categories: , , Product Format: MP3

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