Jesus Unfiltered – Testify

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Testify is the 4th and final volume of Chip Ingram’s series, Jesus Unfiltered, an exposition of the entire Gospel of John.

Testify reveals Jesus’ last days on earth and His final words to His followers, from then to today. It’s a bold, gritty assignment – far from the ease and prosperity of content religion. Jesus tasked His followers with a mission to testify; He promised a future of tribulation; He provided the limitless power of the Holy Spirit; and He guaranteed the hope of victory.

Testify will encourage and challenge you to take your faith to the next level – to be strong and courageous – for the sake of His Kingdom to come.

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This six part audio series includes the following message titles:

• You Also Must Testify

There’s a rumor going around that if you believe in Jesus, life will be perfect, and you’ll never have to face difficult circumstances.  Well, the fact is, that’s exactly the opposite of what Jesus told His disciples to expect. So, if you’re feeling confused, or maybe even hopeless, join Chip as he shares how Jesus’ followers today, can hang in with integrity and grace.

• The Time is Now!

Do you ever wonder what Jesus is doing this very minute? In this message, Chip reminds us that scripture says Jesus is actively engaged, right now, in something that involves YOU personally! Join Chip as he reveals what Jesus is up to and how your awareness of it can change your perspective on everything!

• For this I was Born…

Courage or cowardice – what determines which of those show up when we’re faced with a challenge? Sometimes we can genuinely surprise ourselves with a measure of courage we didn’t know we had.  Other times, timidity and fear keep us quiet.  Chip talks about why that happens and what motivates our courageous or cowardly responses.

• What I have Written, I have Written

If you ever get to sit on a jury, it’s super interesting to listen to the evidence and hear the testimony from the witnesses. In this message, Chip lays out the evidence and let’s us hear eye witness testimony in one of the most controversial trials in all of history. At the end, he’ll ask you for YOUR verdict – is the accused innocent or guilty?

• Stop Doubting and Believe

In this message, Chip poses two penetrating questions.  First: Have you ever, down deep in the secret of your heart, ever doubted that God even exists? And second: If that happens, how do you think He responds? Chip reveals an intimate look at how Jesus responds to people who genuinely have questions and doubt.

• Do You Love Me More than These?

Chip wraps up this series by saying that a lot of us are harder on ourselves than God is.  And maybe the reason we don’t enjoy the peace God offers is because instead of trusting Him with our deepest secrets, we choose to bury them…hoping that if they’re ignored, somehow they’ll never be a problem.  He’s NOT surprised when we mess up. In fact, if we’re humble, His response is patience and mercy.  This message is for you, if you long for the peace and joy you know you’re not experiencing.


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SKU: DA33412-CP Categories: , , , Product Format: MP3

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