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Pathways to Intimacy with God

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Do you need to restore your first love with Jesus, but the “world’s system” has you stopped dead in your tracks? Do you yearn for that place where you and Jesus are so close that nothing can separate you; you’re on the same wavelength and everything is clicking? This series will help you examine your direct line of communication with God.

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This five part MP3 download includes the following message titles:

  • It’s Not about Rules, Ritual, or Religion

Would you like to know God like a close personal friend?  It’s possible!  Chip begins this series by explaining how you can have a deep and intimate relationship with God.

  • How God Speaks to Ordinary People

How would your day turn out differently if you could hear God speak to you?  Chip shares how you can rediscover an ancient method of hearing God speak directly to you about the most important  issues in your life.

  • How to Rekindle Your Spiritual Passion

No matter how spirituality mature you are, there are times when we all need to refocus and rekindle our spiritual passion.  Chip takes a fresh look at the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.  What dies it really mean?  Why do we observe it?  And what significance does it make to our personal spiritual lives?

  • Getting Hugs from an Invisible God

Are you tired of superficial relationships? Do you long to deeply connect with other Christians?  But you just don’t know how?   Join  Chip to learn the secret of establishing and developing lasting, Godly relationships and how it’s possible to get hugs from an invisible God.

  • How to Win the Battle for Your Soul

What has the power to so blind us and deceive us that it would literally capture our soul?  Whether we’re aware of it or not, there is a battle for our souls.  Chip examines what that battle is and explains how to win it.

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  1. Eva

    My first love with God is doing well and the intimacy with God is pushing me to find out more about what can I give more time to the community as I serve as a life group leader in my midweek services

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