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God’s Boundaries for Abundant Living

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Psychologists tell us that boundaries provide security, protection, and self-esteem. Long before psychology, God provided ten clear boundaries to protect His people from harm and give them the highest values ever recorded on the earth. “God’s Boundaries for Abundant Living” gives a fresh look at the Ten Commandments and will help you discover God’s boundaries for your highest, best and most abundant living.

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This ten part audio series includes the following message titles:
• No Gods But God

Would you like some help setting boundaries that will restore your joy, your dignity, and your priorities?  Chip  begins a journey to discover the ten boundaries God has established for you to enjoy life at its best, beginning with Commandment #1.

• No Worship But True Worship

We all want to be in control of something don’t we? Our children, our schedule, our eating habits, our work – we crave control.  But there is a time and place when being in control brings pain, frustration, and dissatisfaction.  Chip shares how to avoid going to that place and discovering a peace in letting go.

Never Abuse My Name

Imagine someone dragging the name of the most precious person in your life through the mud- untrue statements, unfair criticism, crude, off-color jokes.  Chip takes a candid look at why taking the Lord’s name in vain is far more than just saying the words – it goes deeper than that, and why it’s such serious business with God.

• A Word to the Overworked, Overwhelmed, and Over-Committed

“The Sabbath” sounds like a time for ancient ritual, but did you know that God created it for you to enjoy?  He designed it for us to honor Him and rest in His faithful provision for everything we need.  Chip explains how we can remember the Sabbath, take a breather, and get God’s best for us.

• A Word to Families in an Age of Chaos

As children, we are taught to honor our father and mother.  Chip outlines what that means at ever stage of life – how we honor our parents as children, as young people, and as adults, and what it means and what it doesn’t mean.

• Stop the Violence!

“Thou Shalt Not Kill.” Now there’s a commandment that most of us don’t have to worry about breaking – right?  Well, think again.  Chip explores the deeper meaning of this familiar commandment, getting to the real heart of the matter.

• No Second-Rate Sex

We are continually bombarded with images, ads, music, and messages about sex.  No matter where you go, the world is heaping sexual pressure on you and your kids.  So what’s the key to saying no to the pressure?   Chip shares God’s plan for purity and getting the very best in our relationships.

• Don’t Take It

Finding a golf ball in the weeds, or a dollar bill in a parking lot, you name it – getting something for nothing is fun! Could it be that this innocent attraction is hiding a much more devious root issue?  Chip explores the real meaning behind the 8th commandment: “Thou Shalt Not Steal.”

• Declaring War on Deceit

White lies, stretching the truth, bending the rules, we all do it.  So why is lying such a big deal with God?  Chip reveals why deceit causes so much damage and pain, and how to break the habit of telling lies.

• Why We Have So Much and Enjoy it So Little

Have you ever noticed: If you get a raise, a bigger one would be better?  If you have a car, a newer one would be better? Would you like to know the secret to having what you want and wanting what you have?  Would you like to know how to find contentment?  Chip gives you three keys to achieving personal contentment and restoring the joy in your life.

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  1. Erika Hixson

    I work from out of my car 4 hours a day and decided to listen to something new. I couldn’t wait until 12:30 everyday to learn something new about how to live my life according to God’s word. Everything I am doing now is completely WRONG! I’m downloading this series and will listen to it until I have it memorized. I thought the 10 commandments were for the old covenant but they are clearly applicable to today. I just pray that my spouse would listen now.

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