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Not Beyond Reach

How to Share Jesus with the Young, the Deconstructed, and the Non-Religious

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A book by Aaron Pierce

How can we engage today’s skeptical post-Christian culture? Old ways of evangelism no longer work with a generation of young people who reject truth, morality, the Bible, and the existence of God.

In Not Beyond Reach, Aaron Pierce, Mission Director of Steiger International, helps us understand the beliefs of millennials and Gen Z and shows us how the way to sharing Christ with them is through real friendships and authentic conversations.

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America has undergone a radical shift. Almost half of Generation Z (born 1997 through 2012) and millennials (born 1981 through 1996) mark the “none” box when it comes to claiming religious affiliation.

How can we share Jesus with the growing number of secular people who question, ignore, or reject beliefs about truth, morality, the Bible, and God that earlier generations built their lives on?

It starts with being a good friend.

In Not Beyond Reach Aaron Pierce explains how discipleship relationships start even before a friend or loved one accepts Christ.  There is rich meaning and purpose in your everyday interactions with nonbelievers, no matter where they are in their faith journey!   As you build trust over time, you open doors to share the Gospel.

Aaron begins by demystifying the underlying inconsistencies and idols at the heart of secular beliefs.  Then he outlines a new playbook for reaching the next generation and others who would not walk into a church.

The process involves intentionality and radical dependence on the Holy Spirit and God to move.  It also involves authentic relationships and perceptive listening and communication skills.  For those who struggle in this area, Not Beyond Reach provides examples and strategies to help readers progress from friendship conversations to spiritual conversations to Gospel conversations that transform lives.


  • Chapter 1 – The Rise of the Post-Christian Culture
  • Chapter 2 – How to Develop Real Friendships with the Non-Religious
  • Chapter 3 – How to Start Spiritual Conversations with the Non-Religious
  • Chapter 4 – How to Introduce Jesus to Non-Religious People
  • Chapter 5 – Navigating Politics, Sexuality, Science and Other Divisive Subjects

As we seek to reach those we love and care about with Jesus and the message of the cross, Aaron Pierce reminds us they are not beyond reach!

You are the ambassador God is calling right now, right where you are!  Not Beyond Reach shows you how.


Aaron Pierce is the International Mission Director of Steiger International, a rapidly-growing, worldwide mission organization that is called to reach and disciple the Global Youth Culture for Jesus.  Steiger is active in over 100 cities around the world within the regions of Europe, Eurasia, Central Asia, the Middle East, East Asia, South America, Australasia, and North America.

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1 review for Not Beyond Reach

  1. Alan Figone (verified owner)

    America has moved into a “Post-Christian” Secular culture and the church has completely missed this change. We all know that our kids and grandkids are radically different today and we don’t know what happened?
    Aaron Pierce has written answers to what/when/how and why this change has happened and what a new “Evangelical” model looks like for us to use that reaches this new culture.
    Very good book!

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SKU: X935010-55 Categories: , Product Format: Book, Great Gifts for Growing Christians, Guest Speaker