Your Divine Design

How to Discover, Develop, and Deploy Your Spiritual Gifts

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Do you realize you are a masterpiece in the making?

Just as an artist uses a pen or paintbrush or chisel to create a work of art, God uses spiritual gifts to craft us into His divine design. When we embrace and use the gifts He gives us, the Church, your community, and the world benefit!

In Your Divine Design: How to Discover, Develop, and Deploy Your Spiritual Gifts, Chip Ingram explains the biblical teachings about spiritual gifts and lays out specific steps we all need to take to become the people God divinely created us to be.

Are you ready to discover your divine design?


Your Divine Design: How to Discover. Develop, and Deploy Your Spiritual Gifts is an overview of what the New Testament teaches about spiritual gifts and how they are God’s provision for individuals and His Church—for both personal and communal growth and effective service to our Lord.

In an introduction and four short chapters, you’ll learn

  • How to discover the spiritual gifts God has given you
  • How to develop the unique ministry He has prepared for you
  • How to deploy His gifts and demonstrate His love and character to the world
  • How to avoid abuse or misuse of spiritual gifts

Start today to uncover God’s purpose and workmanship in you and begin to serve the Church and your community as you were designed to do!

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