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How To Talk To Anyone About God


You should, you ought to, you know the Bible tells you to do it – but the thought of actually sharing your faith with another person gives you sweaty palms and heart palpitations. “I’m just not gifted in evangelism,” you decide. “It’s not for me.” But it is! In Share the Love, learn how even you can move from being a “secret agent” Christian to a “public” witness as you develop the heart, skills, and perspective to naturally share Christ as a part of your lifestyle and relationships.

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This four part audio series includes the following message titles:

• Why It’s Hard to Share the Love

Have you ever had a conversation with another person about your faith in Jesus?  A lot of us have never done that.  In this message, Chip examines seven lies we believe that keep us from being open with others and engaging them in conversation about our faith.

• Discovering Your Spiritual Love Language

How many languages do you speak?  In this message, Chip explains there are several different love languages.  Not only does he explain what they are, but he giver us a test to discover what our personal love language is.  God created you to BE YOU!, including the way you share His love with others.  Take the test and discover your spiritual love language.  Then enjoy the opportunities He presents , to engage in conversation with others.

• Share His Love Through Your Story

We all love to be told a story – through a book, a movie, or first-hand.  Stories are powerful because people are interested, they can relate, and it’s not threatening.  Knowing how to tell a story is key.  In this message, Chip prepares you step-by-step to tell your story in a winsome way that respects others and honors God’s call for you to share the love.

• How to Tell His Story

How do you start a spiritual conversation with someone?  Well, the short answer is there are two ways: The direct and the indirect methods. Chip walks us through what those look like, in practical terms, and then he adds three keys to success that make all the difference.

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SKU: DA21856-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3