The Real Heaven

What The Bible Actually Says

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Heaven is a hot topic on today’s bestseller lists. But what does the Bible tell us about the afterlife? Dig deep into Scripture with Chip Ingram as you learn about what heaven is like in this MP3 Download of his series, The Real Heaven.

This is an MP3 download.


The Real Heaven MP3 is currently free to download and seeks to answer questions like, “What happens the moment after we die?” And, “what will our redeemed relationships be like in eternity?”

Do you think heaven is a place where you will play a harp forever in one long worship service? We wonder if that’s all there is in eternity. It seems like worship pastors may be ecstatic, but what about the rest of us?

So many of us wonder about heaven, but very rarely, if ever, have we heard a sermon about the topic of heaven. And we don’t realize how much the Bible has to say about heaven and what our eternity as Christians will be like.

Chip Ingram delves deep into Scripture and reveals what God wants us to know about the hereafter in this MP3 download of his series, The Real Heaven.

The Real Heaven MP3 is divided into three parts and includes the following messages:

  • Why Heaven Matters: Explore what the Bible says about heaven and how, when you see heaven for what it really is, it will change how you choose to live each day right now.
  • What’s Heaven Like?: The good news is that in heaven there’s no evil, no injustice, no struggle, no disease, no pain, no death. Just the best of the best of the best – on spiritual steroids. 
  • A New Home for the New You: Chip is your curator for a detailed, Biblical tour of the home Jesus went to prepare for us.

There are message notes that go along with Chip’s The Real Heaven messages. You can download those here.

For a catalog of The Real Heaven discipleship resources, visit our series page.



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