I Choose Love

How to Build Lasting Relationships

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One of Jesus’ last commands, and one of God’s greatest delights is that His children, those who call Christ Lord, would love one another. But we all know loving other people doesn’t come naturally, and it’s not always easy. In this series, Chip teaches us, from the book of Philippians, Chapter 2, how to choose love and build relationships that last.

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This four part MP3 download includes the following message titles:

  • Love Gives

Most of us can quote the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In this message, Chip explains what he calls the Platinum Rule: Do unto others as God has already done unto you.  It’s step one in the process of how we choose love.

  • Love Serves

Did you know God wants you to be great?  What dies it take to be great in God’s eyes?  That’s the topic in this message, as Chip continues his study of Philippians, Chapter 2.  It’s actually pretty simple – but it’s not easy.  Two words: Love serves.

  • Love Obeys

Obedience si the way God says we show our love for Him.  In this message, from Philippians, Chapter 2, Chip explores what our part is in obeying, and what God promises to do for His part.  He tells us we approach obedience with built-in expectations and that God has already worked in, what we need to work out.

  • Love Cares

In this final message from Philippians, Chapter 2, Chip tells us that God is looking for a specific kind of person.  He tells us that these are the people God especially uses to move His agenda forward.  And what’s His agenda?  Love – love that give, love that serves, love that obeys, and love that cares.


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SKU: DA33610-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3

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