Five Lies that Ruin Relationships

Wrong Beliefs Produce Wrong Behaviors (Sex, People, Work, Things, Places)


Have you ever looked back over a circumstance or relationships in your life and wondered how they became so messy or difficult? In this 10-part video series, from the book of James chapters 4 and 5, Chip reveals five of the most common lies that have the potential to ruin relationships with those we love.  What we think about life determines how we live it.  There is power in knowing and applying God’s truth, when confronted with these lies, and discovering the freedom He longs for us to enjoy in our relationships.

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Session Titles:

Lie 1: “Sensual Pleasure Will Satisfy My Inner Longing for Happiness.”

  • Session 1 – Why We Fight With Those We Love
  • Session 2 – Defusing Conflict…Restoring Relationships

Lie 2: “If Other People Would Shape Up, My Life Would Work Out.”

  • Session 3 – Why We Wound Others With Words
  • Session 4 – How to Stop Playing God

Lie 3: “Upwardly Mobile Work Opportunities Are Automatically the Will of God.”

  • Session 5 – How Our Jobs can Destroy Our Relationships
  • Session 6 – How to Pursue God–Given Dreams

Lie 4: “My Significance and Value Are Measured by the Quality and Quantity of the Things I Possess.”

  • Session 7 – Why Better Things Don’t Always Make Things Better
  • Session 8 – Using Wealthy Wisely

Lie 5: “The Grass is Greener on the Other Side of the Fence.”

  • Session 9 – Why a Change In Scenery Rarely Improves the View
  • Session 10 – How Patience and Perseverance Transform Relationships



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SKU: D130527-91 Categories: , Product Format: DVD, Study Guide