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Invisible War

What Every Believer Needs to Know About Satan, Demons & Spiritual Warfare


In a culture where spiritual warfare is everywhere, it’s time to put on the armor of God and fight the demonic forces at work in this world! In this DVD of Chip Ingram’s series, The Invisible War, he will teach you what every Christian needs to know about Satan, demons, and spiritual warfare.

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The Invisible War DVD sets the stage for an unseen battle against demonic forces going on in this world. The Bible clearly teaches that Satan is on mission to destroy God’s people. And the problem is, Satan doesn’t announce his temptations and schemes. Instead, he’s very secretive as he attempts to lead Christians down a delicate, subtle, gradual path of deception.

How can you defend yourself? How can you win? The Invisible War DVD, based on Chip Ingram’s bestselling series, The Invisible War, draws from Ephesians 6 in a powerful way to reveal what believers need to know in order to defend themselves and their families against Satan’s daily attacks.

In this DVD, Chip leads you through an in-depth Bible study where you will see what God has to say about Satan’s goals and tactics, the spiritual armor God offers us, and the confidence we can have about our sure victory over the Enemy. If you’re prepared to remove the blinders and gaze into the unseen world, hang on to your seat! It’s going to be a journey inside the very folds of our Bibles, a journey that will teach us about our greatest foe. Satan is doing everything he can to make you fail.  Chip reveals how you can be victorious over the schemes of the Evil One by learning how to use the supernatural weapons God has provided to protect you and those you love. Find out how to fight back!

The Invisible War DVD includes the following 8 sessions:

  • What is the Invisible War?
  • Who Are We Fighting?
  • Four Keys to Spiritual Victory
  • How to Prepare Yourself for Spiritual Battle
  • Engaging the Enemy
  • Winning the War
  • The Christian’s Secret Weapon
  • The Ministry of Deliverance

For more of The Invisible War resources, please visit our series page to place your order.

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1 review for Invisible War

  1. Thomas Paul


    Just thought of letting you all know of what I think of Chip Ingram’s Book ‘The Invisible War’ and also about his first installment of the video teaching ministry on this subject – It was excellent. Especially in our day and generation where all sorts of ‘nonsense’ is out there with regards to ‘spiritual battle’ – my! what extremes people go to and write about. It’s a relief to know that at least some good men are preaching and upholding the Truth of the Word of God. Praise the Lord.

    I would whole heartedly recommend our brother’s book and ministry. I’m only thankful to the Lord that I ‘stumbled’ upon the book in a thrift store and began reading it. I’m planning on giving it to a friend who has been struggling with issues, etc. I’m certain the book and the video lectures will be a great help towards a ‘sane’ and healthy understanding of ‘the invisible war’; most importantly, gaining a ‘biblical’ view.

    Thanks to our Brother for his help and willingness to take time out to write the book, and prepare the lectures as well.

    The Lord bless you all in His Grace.

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SKU: D933771-90 Categories: , Product Format: DVD