Jesus Offers Hope


We all put our hope in something or someone. Hope is the oxygen of the soul! At some point, though, most of us experience hope that never pans out. What then? Is it possible to hang on to hope when life doesn’t make sense or when things go from bad to worse? Or, maybe you’ve received exactly what you hoped for, only to realize that it doesn’t satisfy! In this series, Chip draws from New Testament parables to reveal how to experience and safeguard unshakable hope, in spite of your circumstances.

This is the DIGITAL transcript

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This is the transcript of the four part audio series that includes the following message titles:
• When You Hit Rock Bottom
• When Being Good Isn’t Good Enough
• When Life Doesn’t Make Sense
• When Success Doesn’t Satisfy


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SKU: 26530DF Categories: , Product Format: Transcript