Keeping Love Alive, Volume 4

Four Relationships Great Marriages Have in Common

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We’ve all heard or read news stories that celebrate couples who’ve been married 5, 6, or even 7 decades.  So how did they stay together that long? What’s their secret? And better yet…how can we build those types of lasting bonds?  Through the 4th volume of our Keeping Love Alive series, Chip’s identifying 4 relationships great marriages have in common.  Learn why these connections are critical to every relationship and how you and your spouse can better prioritize them in your marriage – starting today.

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Keeping Love Alive, Volume 4 CD series includes a four part teaching with the following messages:

  • A Life-Giving Relationship with God

Have you heard of those couples who’ve been married for 5,6, or even 7 decades?  What’s their secret? In this message, Chip kicks off the series by identifying the first of four vital relationships great marriages have in common.  Learn why this one bond must be the foundation for every couple and how it can keep the spark, the intimacy, and the connection alive in your relationship.

  • A Healthy Relationship with Yourself

Do you love how God made you? Or do you often feel like you never measure up?  In this message, Chip explains that a thriving marriage is build on a healthy view of ourselves.  Also, learn why looking to our spouse for security or identity is a recipe for disaster.

  • An Intimate Relationship with Christ’s Body

Have you ever held those big ropes boats use to tie onto docks or lower anchors?   They’re big and heavy, created to withstand incredible weight.  In this message reveals that authentic community is the ‘ropes’ that hold great marriages together.  Hear how being deeply connected to the body of Christ can make your marriage stronger, even when the going gets tough.

  • A Christ-Like Relationship to Personal Attacks and Injustice

We all carry deep emotional wounds and scars from something someone said or did.  But what about when we’re dismissed, neglected, or insulted by our spouse? What do we do then? In this final message, Chip’s going to help us respond biblically to pain and injustice – especially when it comes from our mate.  Learn how your marriage can survive, heal, and move forward when we wound one another.



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SKU: DA16280-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3

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