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Withstanding the Storms of Life

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What’s the key to standing strong in the storms of life? How do we keep getting up no matter how many times the waves of trial and discouragement knock us over? One word – Resilient. Chip and Ryan Ingram team up on this series from James, Chapter 1, to remind us that God has given us all the resources we need to come out on top, regardless of what’s going on. If you’re looking for inner strength and outward power to withstand the toughest of circumstances, “Resilient” provides the guidance you need, to not give up or give in.

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This four part Resilient MP3 message includes the following message titles:

  • It’s Tempting

Difficult circumstances sometimes come as a result of temptation. In order to prevail, we need to see temptations for what they are – our enemy’s lures, uniquely designed for each person.  Temptations are attractive and appealing, and look and act like something very good. But temptations hide a deadly hook.  The fact is, there’s a single lie behind every temptation. In this message, you’ll learn what that lie is and how to avoid the lure of temptation.

  • It’s Emotional

Difficult circumstances sometimes cause us to become angry. Anger is the flashing, red light on the dashboard of our mind, warning us that something’s wrong! Getting to the root cause of anger equips us to leverage anger – to see a situation accurately and then deal appropriately. Anger, when used as a diagnostic tool, rather than a brutal weapon, helps us rise above our circumstances to bring healing, not hurt, to a situation. In this message, Chip reveals the truth about anger.

  • It’s Powerful

Difficult circumstances demand powerful resources. As believers in Christ, God has given us a resource more powerful, more precise, and more helpful than some may know. Unless we use it though, we’re at the mercy of the wisdom of the world and our own wherewithal… not a great prospect, compared to what God has to offer. In this message, Chip encourages us not to battle on our own, but to engage life’s challenges with the truth of God’s Word.

  • It’s Practical

Difficult circumstances provide opportunities. When we long to get out from under the oppression and trouble of life’s challenges, there are three practices resilient people have in common.  In this message, we’ll learn what they are – and how they not only give us relief, but bring blessing to others in the process.

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SKU: DA33986-CP Categories: , Product Format: Guest Speaker, MP3