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Genius of Generosity

Generous Living Is Joyful Living

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In the revised edition of his book, The Genius of Generosity, Chip Ingram urges us to be truly smart when it comes to managing our finances and our very life. Using a powerful experience from his own life, Chip unpacks what Scripture tells us about living generous.

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In The Genius of Generosity, we’re going to discover the power, the freedom, and the rewards of developing a generous heart! The Bible teaches us that generosity is the gateway to intimacy with God. As we steward the resources God gives us, we will naturally become more generous with His things, and it pleases Him greatly. We find we are more focused on what is important to our Heavenly Father.

As believers, we all know that being selfish is completely unacceptable, but if you think that generosity is something reserved for after winning the lottery or making it into the major leagues, you’re likely going to miss something special God has planned for you. In his revised edition of The Genius of Generosity, pastor and author Chip Ingram provides motivation and practical application from Scripture to help each of us grow towards a life of greater giving.

Learning how to steward God’s resources well will powerfully impact our lives and the lives of those around us. When we begin to grasp God’s extravagant love and generosity toward us, we begin to be generous toward Him and others in His kingdom. The result: our generosity becomes a visible expression of our love for Him.

The Genius of Generosity is an easy read with approximately 100 pages in all, and contains the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Why It’s Genius to Be Generous: If being generous is a smart way to live, why isn’t everyone doing it? Chip explains four reasons why we hold back on our generosity and then encourages us with four reasons why it’s nothing short of genius to be generous!

Chapter 2: The Principle with Secret Power: When we entrust someone else with something of value to us, we expect them to care for it with diligence and integrity. So, how do we care for the blessings God has entrusted to us? Chip reveals the “heart” of the matter behind how we handle our blessings.

Chapter 3: Why God Prospers Generous People: It’s a fact- God prospers generous people. Chip reveals 4 biblical essentials to becoming a generous person.

Chapter 4: How God Measures Generosity: What exactly is God looking for from you in terms of generosity? Join Chip as he explores the answer to that question and more.

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  1. eleashia roper (verified owner)

    I ordered this book by listening to the radio one morning. I was so motivated and inspired to order and read after receiving I gave the 4 remaining books to co-workers for Thanksgiving. It has really changed my life, in in the short time that I have had this book.

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