God’s Wisdom for Building Great Relationships


Relationships can be tough. Everyone has expectations of how relationships should work. Whether it’s our behaviors, words, spending habits, how to raise children, or views of God – these factors affect how we interact with others. In this series, Chip explores eight essential life lessons in scripture that will help you build GREAT relationships that last!

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This eight part audio series includes the following message titles:

  • It All Begins with God
  • Everyone is Desperately Insecure
  • Everyone Acts in a Way that Makes Sense to Them
  • You Can’t Give Away What You Don’t Possess
  • Knowing God (as He is) is the Prerequisite to Loving Others (as they are)
  • Comparison Always Leads to Carnality
  • Right Relationships are Always More Important than Being Right
  • The Only Person I Can Change is Me


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SKU: DA93358-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3