How To Be A Christian Without Being Religious

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Is it possible to be a Christian without being religious? More than a list of activities, behaviors, and rules, this series will show you that the Christian life is, at its core, an ongoing relationship with the living God. You will discover how to live a life of faith; how to portray Christ’s love and character in your everyday activities; how to know if you are growing spiritually; and how to develop a dynamic, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

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This seven part MP3 download includes the following message titles:

  • It’s All About Relationships

Do you ever feel like your whole life is one big spiritual to-do list? Do you ever just want to get off the religious performance track and begin experiencing the joy of the Lord?  Join Chip as he shares what God really wants from you.

  • Trusting God When What He Does Doesn’t Make Sense

Do you ever wonder why God sometimes lets a bad situation not only get worse but get impossible? Why doesn’t He step in and save the day? Chip talks about how to trust God when what He does doesn’t make sense.  If you’re experiencing a difficult season you don’t understand and you’re wondering, “God, what’s going on?” this message is for you.

  • One Little Word That Will Change Your Life

How do you know if you’re an authentic Christian or just a very religious person? Chip begins this series tackling that question.  There is one thing that opens the heart of God to enjoy sweet communion with you.  Chip reveals what that “one thing” is and shares how you can discover and activate it in your life today.

  • Stop Reading Your Bible

Reading your Bible is a good thing to do, but it only begins to make a real difference in your life when you meditate on it.  When you meditate on God’s Word, you think; you ponder; you consider; you pray, and ask God to use His Word, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to change you, from the inside out. Stop just reading your Bible and begin to meditate and soak in God’s Word.

  • Why God Uses Some People More Than Others

Do you ever wonder why God uses some people more than others? Well, according to scripture it’s not about intellect; it’s not about training; it’s not about background. So what is it? Chip explains that our faith is connected to experiencing God’s power in our lives.

  • The Transforming Power of Giving Thanks

Could it be that life right now is not what God intended for you? Is it possible that some of the pain, struggle, frustration, and conflict in your life is there because of something you might have overlooked? Chip shares a tiny piece of wisdom that has revolutionized his life, and may unlock a whole new way of looking at life for you too.

  • The Best Advice I Ever Took

Are you tired of trying and trying to make a life change only to be met by failure again and again? It’s like when your car is stuck in a ditch and it seems like nothing you do can get it out!  In this message, Chip shares 5 simple yet profound behaviors that completely changed his life. These principles will help you get spiritually unstuck, and reveal God in a way you’ve never experienced before.


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SKU: DA21803-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3