Less is More

Decluttering Your Time with God

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Does your walk with Jesus feel like a messy garage or closet – cluttered and overwhelming? Do you want to sift through the chaos and reconnect with God at a deeper level? In this series Chip will help us do that through a radical new approach.  For these five programs, he is not studying a few chapters or an entire book of the Bible, instead Chip will focus on five single verses – one for each message – that will enrich our one-on-one time with God.  Discover the spiritual freedom that comes when you simply slow life down.

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This five part audio series includes the following message titles:

  • I Am Crucified with Christ

Do you have a closet or garage that you can’t keep clean? And it seems like every time you turn around there’s more chaos and more stuff to do.  For many Christians, their faith feels like that closet or garage – messy, disorganized, hopeless.  In this message, Chip has some encouragement for us as he being this series. Learn how to declutter your spiritual life and experience God at a deeper level.

  • All Scripture is God-Breathed

When you sit down to read the Bible, are you immediately discouraged by not understanding what it means?  Are you desperate to hear God’s voice, even through one little verse?  In this message, learn from 2nd Timothy 3:16 what the role of Scripture is and the power the Bible has to give direction and meaning to our lives.

  • The High and Exalted One

When it comes to talking to God, many Christians would admit it’s a struggle.  We either don’t make time to pray or get easily distracted when we close our eyes.  So, in this message, Chip will help us refocus our prayer time as he continues this series. Discover how approaching God with a humble, worship-filled attitude will dramatically change the way you talk with Him.

  • Author and Perfecter of Our Faith

Are you a faithful Christian who serves regularly, leads a small group, and maybe even sing on the worship team – but is utterly exhausted?  In this message, Chip has a challenge for that tired believer.  Learn why filling your schedule with good, godly things can actually be bad for your relationship with God.

  • Am Not Ashamed of The Gospel

Do you know someone who boldly talks about Jesus everywhere they go? And in your heart of hears, their contagious attitude makes you wish you cared as much as they do.  Hear how a deep concern and love for unbelievers isn’t just for super Christians but a pursuit every follower of Jesus should have.


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SKU: DA16389-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3