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Love One Another

10 Keys To Experiencing Life In A Supernatural Community


We’ve all heard the thought-provoking challenge to face life’s decisions asking, “What would Jesus do?” But what if we were to live each moment in light of Jesus’ “new” commandment to “love one another” – as He has loved us? What would happen within our homes and churches if we took seriously His instructions to foster authentic, caring relationships? This series explores the powerful possibilities of lives lived according to the radical “one anothers” of the New Testament.

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This ten part audio series includes the following message titles:

• A New Commandment for the New Community

There’s one thing that Jesus told us we could do to let the whole world know we belong to Him. Chip begins this series by revealing what that one thing is and how to activate it in your life today

• How to Develop Authentic Relationships

Are you lonely? Do you go places, perhaps even church, and feel like you just don’t fit in? Join Chip as he explains how you can begin to develop authentic, Godly relationships that can last a lifetime.

• How to Connect Deeply with Others

Do you long to be connected to other people? Do you find yourself getting close but then you don’t know how to actually break through to a more genuine relationship? In this message Chip talks about how to connect deeply with others and how to have them connect deeply with you.

• How to Love those Who are “Different”

Do you find it hard to not make judgements about people based on appearances? You know God looks on the heart and you want to too, but how do you make that the norm? Chip reveals Jesus’ remedy for passing judgement on those who are different from us.

• How to “Lift Up” Those who are Down

God is good! But life is hard! Do you know someone who’s about to throw in the towel? They need you to “jump in the ring” with them and “double team” the enemy.  It’s called ENCOURAGEMENT! Chip teaches you how to become an awesome encourager and how to lift up those who are down.

• How to Speak the Truth in Love

Sometimes the truth really HURTS! Getting straight talk from a friend is about as fun as getting a root canal, but we all need people in our lives who will honestly level with us! Chip explains why it’s so important to be a truth-telling-best-friend.

• How to Resolve Conflict in Relationships

Do you ever wonder why good, Godly relationships have conflict? In this message, Chip discusses ways of living in harmony with those around you and how to handle conflict effectively when it arises.

• How to Restore Others After Moral Failure

What happens when someone you love and respect has a moral failure? What does scripture say about dealing with people who have really blown it? What happens when that person is you? According to Jesus, there is HOPE! Chip shares that no matter how far you have fallen, you can reset your boundaries beginning today and get back in the game.

• How to Deal with Difficult People in Your Life

Do you have a challenging person in your life? Do you wonder – is there a Godly response to this person? Join Chip as he teaches how to deal with the difficult people in your life.

• How to Build Friendships that Last a Lifetime

Chip wraps up this series examining, from God’s Word, how to build friendships that last forever.

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SKU: DA21843-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3