The Four Great Invitations

Lessons from My First 50 Years with Jesus

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Do you have a mentor?  That one person with lots of life know-how you completely trust for sound wisdom and guidance?  Well, if not, in this series, Chip will be that mentor for us as he shares some insightful experiences he’s learned from – through 5 decades of walking with Jesus.  He’ll unpack how these lessons are rooted in 4 essential invitations Jesus challenged His disciples with throughout the Gospels.  Don’t miss how these biblical insights can encourage, motivate and comfort you through all aspects of life.

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This four part mp3 download includes the following message titles:

  • Come to Me

Do you know someone with lots of life experience you would trust to give you sound wisdom and guidance?  If not, in this message, Chip will be that mentor for us as he kicks off his series, The Four Great Invitations: Lessons from my First 50 Years with Jesus.  Learn how Jesus speaks to us today and why He’s our only source of help and direction – no matter what.

  • Follow Me

What does it mean to be a follower?  You know, on social media, we follow famous people or inspiring causes, but why? In this message, Chip explores the psychology behind that answer. Join Chip in the Gospel of Luke as he highlights a key practice essential for any believer’s walk with God.

  • Abide in Me

Have you ever felt like Christianity is too complicated or demanding?  Or that you have to earn God’s approval?  In this message, Chip shares his struggles with that mindset. Discover what it means to abide in Christ and why getting an accurate picture of God can lead to a more peaceful, joy-filled life.

  • Go Make Disciples

God uniquely created all of us for a specific purpose.  But how confident are you you’re actually doing what God’s called you to?  In this message, Chip will help us know for sure as he wraps up this series.  He’ll dive into Romans chapter 12 and reveal the mission God’s called every believer and how following Jesus will give us all the guidance and direction we’ll ever need.




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SKU: DA16297-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3