What the World Needs Now


It’s easy to identify things we wish were different when we look around and see what’s happening in the world.  The trouble is there are so many opinions, so many experts, and we’re so divided – even within the Christian community – that it becomes frustrating, messy, and even dangerous.  In this series, Chip calls a big timeout to find out what Jesus would say in the midst of our current circumstances.  The first century world was amazingly parallel to our issues and problems.  So, Chip goes to Jesus’ words, in the book of Matthew, to see how He would counsel us today.  He gets very practical about what it means for us personally, and then how we can apply it, to genuinely make a difference, as followers of Jesus.

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This three part CD series includes the following messages:

  • Authentic Difference-Makers

As you look around and wonder what’s happening in the world, wouldn’t it be great to wave a magic wand to make it all better? It’s never as easy as that, but in this message, chip explains how it’s possible to make you life count like never before. He gives us four key issues that have to be addressed and four diagnostic questions every follower of Jesus need to wrestle down, in order to become an authentic difference maker. If making a difference matters to you, don’t miss this message.

  • Humble Bridge-Builders

In this message, Chip asks “Are you a relational bridge-builder, or a relational bridge-breaker?” There’s a reason why one’s a lot harder than the other. Building relational bridges take wisdom and humility. The problem is, when push comes to shove, wisdom and humility are rare commodities and not easy to choose in day-to-day situations.  Through a couple of parables, Chip uses Jesus’ teaching, to reveal two key principles that make relational bridge-building possible.

  • Radical Mercy-Givers

There are a couple of fundamental problems that make life difficult and really depressing.  In honest moments, we know life’s not fair and we don’t measure up.  In this message, Chip uses Jesus’ teaching from the Sermon on the Mount, to address those two problems and reveal Jesus’ solution. In His day, Jesus was a radical mercy-giver. Today, He promises to help His followers do the same – join Chip to find out how.

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SKU: A933955-00 Categories: , Product Format: Clearance