Good to Great in God’s Eyes


Are you tired of the status quo Christian life? Do you long for a spiritual breakthrough? Are you looking to go to the next level or get a fresh infusion of faith and spiritual passion? Great Christians live out their faith with purpose. In Mark 10:43, Jesus says, whoever wants to become great among you must – what? You’ll explore the idea that there are certain practices available to every believer, at every maturity level, to move us from good to great, in God’s Eyes.

This is the DIGITAL transcript


This is the transcript of the ten part audio series that includes the following message titles:
• Think Great Thoughts
• Read Great Books
• Pursue Great People
• Dream Great Dreams
• Pray Great Prayers
• Take Great Risks
• Make Great Sacrifices
• Enjoy Great Moments
• Empower Great People
• Develop Great Habits


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