I Choose Joy

How to Live Life Above Your Circumstances


In the midst of difficulty, chaos, and continual pressure, what is it that sets a believer apart from crowd? What causes people to notice that there’s something supernatural at work in their lives? In this series, from the book of Philippians, Chapter 1, Chip tells us it’s joy! He explains how understanding the power of focus, purpose, hope, and expectation enables an ordinary believer to live life above circumstances, weather the worst storms, and experience true joy.

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This four part MP3 download includes the following message titles:

  • Understanding the Power of Focus

Chip begins this series by asking a fundamental question: How can we develop a perspective that allows us to transcend our circumstances and live life with joy? In this first message, from Philippians, Chapter 1, Chip tells us it begins with focus.  He teaches us how to develop an upward and an outward focus.

  • Understanding the Power of Purpose

Life isn’t fair. Bad things happen and suffering is very real.  We know this.  Here’s the question: what do you do when the unfairness or the suffering are pressing in on YOU?  Chip explains how, through understanding the power of purpose, God can use even our worst circumstances to bless and mature us into becoming more and more like Jesus.

  • Understanding the Power of Hope

Someone has rightly said, adversity either makes us or break us.  What makes the difference?  The answer is a simple four letter word. In this message, Chip tells us what that word is and how it can help us rise above the most difficult circumstances in our lives.

  • Understanding the Power of Expectations

Expectations can make or break a situation.  Met expectations are great! Unmet expectations can be upsetting and cause anger, or even despair. Join Chip as he reveals how, by understanding the power of expectations, we can not only survive tough times but actually experience daily joy!


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SKU: DA33634-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3

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