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I Choose Peace

How to Quiet Your Heart in the Chaos of Life


Why is it that as soon as we get that house, that job, that car, that, “you-fill-in-the-blank,” the shine wears off so quickly – the horizon just keeps moving, and we never really experience peace? In this series, Chip unmasks a vicious opponent that’s constantly poised to steal our peace and create an all-consuming discontent.  If you’re ready for a spiritual journey of adventure and an intimacy with God like you’ve never known before, this series, from Philippians, Chapter 4, is the roadmap you’re looking for.

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This six part MP3 download includes the following message titles:

  • In Relational Conflict

Is there a person in your relational world who’s making you nuts? Would you like to learn how to get a perspective that’ll free you up and relieve the turmoil in your heart and mind? Jesus said, “My peace I leave with you.” Very likely, when we pray, peace is often what we ask for – peace in the world, peace at home, and maybe most of all, peace in our relationships – but what did Jesus mean when He said His peace? And how could that make a difference in our problem relationships today? If you or someone you know is struggling with a difficult relationship, this message is for you.

  • In Anxious Moments

When life gets hard, really hard, we have two options.  We can become consumed with worry – which is what most people do, OR we can trust God, who tells us not to worry or be anxious.  Are you able to trust God’s goodness, or does the anxiety just seem too overwhelming? Chip explains how we can actually turn our upsetting circumstances back to God and experience His supernatural peace.

  • In a Broken World

As must as we’d like it to be otherwise, the fact is that the world we live in is violent and very uncertain.  What is certain is that God promised His children supernatural peace – even in the midst of conditions that threaten to absolutely overwhelm us.  Chip continues this series by uncovering that even though we long for peace and stability in our lives, often our thinking and choices sometimes create just the opposite – chaos and upheaval. Join Chip as he shares, from God’s Word, the essential key to God’s peace.

  • In Difficult Circumstances

Why is it that as soon as you get that gadget, take that vacation, that “you-fill-in-the-blank,” the shine wears off so quickly – the horizon just keeps moving, and we never experience peace?  If you’ve ready for a settled-ness in your soul that brings peace and deep satisfaction, join Chip for this message from Philippians, Chapter 4.

  • In Financial Uncertainty

Have you even been in a dangerous situation but you didn’t actually KNOW it was a dangerous situation? Chip unmasks a vicious opponent that is constantly poised to steal your peace. Join Chip as he explains how you can not only mount a good defense, but you can come out victorious, every time.

  • In Tests of Faith

Did you know that God wants us to put Him to a very specific challenge? What could it be, that God would say to us, “Come on, test Me, and see if I don’t show up.” In this message, Chip tells us if we’ll put God to this challenge, He’ll show up 100% of the time.

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  1. Jeffrey Mayer

    This series was phenomenal. Great for both individual and small group study. Thanks Chip. Praise Jesus!

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SKU: DA33627-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3

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