Satan's Agenda For Planet Earth

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God’s agenda for your life and planet Earth is under constant attack by the enemy of your soul, who seeks to distract, derail, and destroy. It’s the ultimate illustration of competing agendas, and eternity lies in the balance. Learn how to recognize and fortify yourself against Satan’s schemes, even when you’ve taken a direct hit. Based on the book of Acts, Diabolical will equip you with biblical truth about your enemy and reveal the battle plan you need to thwart Satan’s plans and fulfill God’s agenda.

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This five part audio series includes the following message titles:
• Agenda #1: Divide and Conquer
• Agenda #2: Maintain the Status Quo
• Agenda #3: Intimidate and Isolate
• Agenda #4: Death by Lethal Religion
• Agenda #5: Perpetuate Prejudice


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SKU: DA21809-CP Categories: , , Product Format: MP3

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