Jesus Is…

The Seven Foundational Attributes of Christ

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It’s been said that one of the wonderful things about knowing God is that there’s always more to know.  So, even though God is infinite, it can still be a joy for us to learn more and more about who He is every day.  And that’s what Chip and his son Ryan Ingram are doing in this series, based in the Gospel of John.  Join them as they highlight seven phrases Jesus used to describe Himself that gives us a more spectacular glimpse into His character, authority, and love for us.

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This seven part MP3 download includes the following message titles:

  • The Bread of Life

Who is Jesus?  And why does He matter to me? Those may be two of the most significant questions you ever ask, and in this message, Chip and his son, Ryan, will help you answer them. As they launch this series, they’ll walk through various chapters in the Gospel of John, highlighting the places where Jesus described Himself to His disciples. Join us as we learn about Christ as ‘The Bread of Life’ – the only one who can truly satisfy our souls.

  • The Light of the World

It seems like everywhere you look today, there’s suffering, war, and deep hostility. And in the face of that bleak outlook, it’s hard to be hopeful. But in this message, guest teacher Ryan Ingram has an uplifting word for all of us, as he picks up in our series, Jesus Is. Discover why – despite all the dark, depressing events happening all over the globe – Jesus is the only light people can look to for eternal peace, hope, and love.

  • The Gate

When you hear the word “gate” you might imagine a small entrance to a backyard or maybe a big steel door to a castle. But in this message, guest teacher Ryan Ingram will explain why, in John chapter 10, Jesus used that word to describe Himself. Learn how Christ protects us from evil and is the exclusive doorway to a deeper connection and understanding of God the Father.

  • The Good Shepherd

At some point in our lives, we’ve all had a coach or mentor give us sound advice or direction about something or pass along some necessary corrections.  In this message, Chip continues our series by explaining that, in the Bible, that person would be considered a shepherd.  learn how Christ is our Good Shepherd – not just a caricature of a mild-mannered man holding a sheep – but a strong defender, wise guide, and friend.

  • The Way

Hopelessness is rampant throughout society today.  Anxiety, depression, and suicide are steadily rising. So what can we do to reach these hurting, lost people?  In this message, Chip will share a powerful word of encouragement as he picks up in our series. Learn why Jesus describing Himself as “The Way” is the key to the unshakeable hope so many are desperate for.

  • The True Vine

Is reading your Bible and praying a part of your morning routine?  If so, let me ask you: when else do you stop and think meaningfully about God the rest of the day?  If you’re shocked to realize you don’t – join us for this message from our guest teacher, Ryan Ingram.  He’ll walk through John chapter 15 and teach us the principle of abiding by revealing to us Jesus, The True Vine.

  • The Resurrection

Every year, when Easter comes around, followers of Jesus greet each other by saying, “Christ has risen!’ He has risen indeed!” But why do they say this?  In this message, Ryan Ingram uncovers why Christians wholeheartedly believe in the resurrection.  Learn the facts that prove the resurrection is a true historical event – and also is the most incredible person to have ever lived.


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SKU: DA16372-CP Categories: , Product Format: MP3

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