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When we get past the poetic, ideal of love and dig down to the practical, day-to-day details, “love” begs some questions:  What does it really mean? How does it think?  How does it behave?  In this third volume of his series Jesus Unfiltered, Chip Ingram explains, through John chapters 11-15, what love really looks like for those who call Jesus, Lord.

This is a five disc CD series

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This five part CD series includes the following message titles:

• Love… Trusts

Let’s be very honest for a moment. Are you disappointed with God? Do you feel like He’s let you down? Didn’t come through when you needed Him most? If you feel that way, you’re not alone.  When bad things happen to you, when life comes undone, have you ever wondered whether or not God really loves you? Join Chip as he explores this very important question.

• Love… Gives

It’s been said that you can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving.  So, what does that actually look like – especially when we’re talking about loving God?  He already owns everything.  So, what could we possible have that He would want? Chip shares what God really wants from you and why giving Him what He wants will allow you to receive His highest and His best.

• Love… Serves

Don’t you love being around people who look for ways to help others? They seem to know what to do or to say to make life just a little easier.  Are those people just born that way or is there something else going on? Join Chip as he helps us understand how it works – from God’s perspective.

• Love… Obeys

Here are two words we don’t immediately connect together – Love and Obedience.  Now, the fact is, most of us bristle a little when faced with the word Obedience.  But there two words not only go together , they cannot be separated, when we’re talking about God.  Join Chip as he explores this important aspect of love.

• Love… Costs

Chip wraps up this series on Love with one of those messages that hits us where we live. Chip talks about the cost of love.  You can’t buy love but make no mistake – love costs.  Chip shares, from scripture, what God says the price of love is.

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SKU: A932408-00 Categories: , , , Product Format: Clearance