Doing Good

What Happens When Christians Live Like Christians

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If Christians are “saved by grace,” totally apart from good works, what difference does it make if we do good or not?  In this series, from the book of Titus, Chip reveals that there are four key reasons what Doing Good matters so much.  He also explains how we can become people who habitually Do Good – and the first step begins with who we are, not what we do. According to scripture, Doing Good is not just a suggestion, it is very powerful, and can be costly.  Chip encourages us, however, that the price of not Doing Good, can be even more costly.  This series clarifies what Doing Good will do in you and then through you, for the benefit of others and the glory of God.

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  • Why Doing Good Matters so Much

This series begins with a look at what it would take for you and the people around you to know real, lasting, true, authentic love.  That’s a pretty tall order, but it begins with the very simple idea of doing good.  When you think of doing good, what comes to mind? Saying “Hello”?  Holding the door? Picking up trash at the park? What does it mean to do good – and does it really matter?  Chip reveals what it really means and why it matters so much.

  • Doing Good – Where it All Begins

People talk about all kinds of things, like how wonderful it would be if we could all just do good for others.  But talk and action are two different things.  And we all know how hard it is to actually follow through and DO good, as opposed to just talking about it.  Chip unpacks what happens when we choose to do good.

  • The High Cost of Not Doing Good

ave you ever had the urge to do something nice for someone, but then decided to push that urge down and keep moving?  What happens when people stop doing good in a community , in a neighborhood, in a home?  When good stops, evil reigns.  Chip explores the high cost of not doing good.

  • How Doing Good Will Change Your World

Have you ever noticed- when you do something nice for someone else, when you are kind or generous, that YOU benefit too?  If you long to see your neighborhood or your workplace transformed, if you want to see a positive change in your home, then join Chip as he shares how making the choice to do good can make all the difference.


There are message notes that go along with Chip’s Doing Good messages. You can download those here.


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SKU: DA21882-CP Categories: , , , Product Format: MP3

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